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As the HX950 55'' and 65'' panels are not the same type, it would be helpfull to specify which one you have when you post your settings.
Thanks, and I nice one to you too
Which settings do you use or recommend for evening or dark room viewing?
For that much money, you are entitled to a defect free TV. If Sony cannot provide one, you should ask for a refund.
PS3 is fine, but does not play MKV encoded movies. So, I also have a stand alone for that purpose.
I do not see a blur, but a dark pulsing fringe pattern somewhat like an oversize moving fingerprint. If I had something like that on my 55HX950, I would ask for a replacement.
Could it be that what you are describing is shaped more like a 3''x4'' rectangle than a square? If so, this is one of the zones of the backlight system which could be defective on your set.
LOL ! We are 3 years away from game over for the human race as by then it will be too late to save planet earth.
Thanks. Why dont you share here vs PM, since this is one of the main purpose of this forum. Anyway, IMO, discussions on this topic would fit better in the HX950 settings thread.
Which settings did you boost to improve the ''POP'' factor?
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