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Not at all worried about covering any holes. More "worried" about matching the rest of the frame's color. Speakers on modern TVs? Can't really immagine why I would want to listen to 5 watt speakers on a 1080p display?!
Speaking of DVI, has anyone had success running DVI from their PC to this TV? I'm thinking of running DVDs from my PC's DVI out, but I don't know if the HDCP issue will stop it (since the PC doesn't run HDCP). Sorry if I missed this earlier, but I've been out of the loop for a few years on HTPC issues... If not for the silly silver panel on the bottom of this TV I would have purchased it already. Anyone know if that panel is easily removed (so I could paint...
Anyone have any idea if the cheesy silver panel on the Polaroid can be removed (like for painting)? I know the speakers are built-into the frame (not removable like so many other makes), but I (and wifey-poo) hate the silver part and I'd like to stick with a 46". Oddly the 42" Polaroid is all black. I'm hoping there's an easy way to pop the part off. If anyone has attempted this, please let me know how it went. Thanks.
No one said it would be easy. And if they did, they were lying. But 60 grit should expedite the process significantly. Wear a mask.
If you don't like the wet-sand method/idea, do what DonRC said. But for wet-sanding, I'd do it, then wait at least 24 hours to paint. Or put a fan blasting the wall and wait 8-12 hours to expedite the mission (especially if you want to finish this weekend).
It depends on how flat your wall is and how pronounced the imperfections. I'd wager that 600 grit paper will be good for all but the nastiest stuff on walls. But you're gonna create a lot of dust with an electric sander! :eek: The preferred method is to wet-sand the wall using a wet-sanding sponge and a bucket of water. Search on MississippiMan and wet-sanding for a complete description. Have fun either way.
Don't know what your tiles are made from, but spraying the tiles should work. If it's more like particle board material, rolling should also work. The older styrofoam materials won't roll well or at all. Some folks have used dark reds for their rooms and it seems to work well. Just make sure you get flat paint for around the screen, if not the whole room.
The search function works pretty well in these forums. The plexi mirror instead of the clear plexi will give you much better results...Seems you read early stuff but missed the more recent improvements.
Paint the walls and ceiling (at least in the area immediately surrounding the screen for a few feet. I prefer dark slate blue, but anything that will absorb instead of reflect more light is better than vice versa.
Those are mostly correct (can't say what the UPW number is). In fact you can use any high quality white paint and a deep or accent base. The real challenge will be to find a latex pearlescent and latex silver metallic. I'm redoing mine right now (second coat of MMud drying right now!). Good luck finding the appropriate matches in Spain.
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