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Paint it black. Single largest improvement I saw when I had my cheapy Dalite screen. Otherwise you'll get a lot of light bounceback that washes out the picture.
Nothing spectacular or particularly challenging. When I did mine the corners were the worst of it - getting the rope to make the 90 degree turns. But all in all, not bad. And worth the effort, IMO.
Yes, I used to have this in my setup. I used a rope light around the metal frame, then I masked on top of the light to block directly seeing it. For lower contrast pjs, this is a quick and viable low-cost fix. But you must mask the direct light for the full effect. You don't want to put the rope directly behind the screen material, however, unless it's 100% opaque. My old Dalite cheapy screen showed even the slightest hint of light from behind. REALLY annoying.
Ed- Thanks for the effort. Looks like the ME is considerably darker (not surprisingly). For as much as the roll of mylar costs, it will be worth an attempt for me at some point. Thanks again. And anyone else who makes a mylar screen: please take some comparo shots with whatever screen you had before and/or a plain white screen/wall. It really helps to see the potential differences.
It's an informal (not trademarked) term coined by MississippiMan and CMRA to describe the effect of projecting onto one of their DIY screens made with plexiglass (originally) and now with various glass and plexi mirrors. It's almost a sort of glow you can get from a perfectly painted mirror surface that seemingly raises the gain of the screen to something above 1.0.
Ed- Do you still have your ME screen? Is it possible to project onto both simultaneously so we could see a half-n-half picture with the mylar? I'm very intrigued by this idea, but I really want to see comparo pics taken by the same person in the same room with the same camera and pj setup to see the differences. Thanks, Scoob
Other than smelling gasoline and various pesticides, there's no problem with garage theaters. Will get a bit chilly on those January nights, tho!
If this is to be a "permanent" screen, you should buy some good quality rollers, 3/8", and prime the wall (unless it's already white) with Kilz. To be as nice as possible, also consider wet-sanding between the coats of your paint. It will help smooth the inevitable bumps and give a nicer finish for those white areas in bright movies and HD programming. Darker colors around the screen will help delineate the screen part and give your eyes something to offset the...
If you want a 100" image, you only have a few options: paint the wall or get an oversized piece of board. Go with the wall first. If it works for you, you're done.
I have a few of the small DV52si indoor/outdoor model hanging on the ceiling in the back surround positions. Love them. In 7-channel stereo mode I'm amazed at the reproduction from these little guys. I recommend to any budget-conscious friend to give these a whirl for surround positions or full 5.1 to 7.1 systems. These will be speakers you keep for a long time, maybe rotating to your bedroom system or eventually to the garage.
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