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Me too - now my WiFi craps out randomly when using MediaLink/Plex ...Anyone having the same issue?
I understand that you need an Intel i3 or discrete video to support full frame 3D... but what about half frame side by side 3D, will the basic Celeron/Pentium Intel HD Video suffice? Thanks!
Do the Intel 2500HD cards that are part of the MicroATX card supports bitstreaming?
And that's the scary part - that some bad XML can cause the TV to reboot itself.Luckily most TVs will not be Internet facing, but it does introduce the possibility that a trojan or something can spew bad packets and cause LG TVs to reboot spontaneously!
Get the LG... the Toshiba's Smart TV functions are ridiculously broken.
I just ordered a standard remote myself for a LM6400. I'm surprised LG is not more forthcoming about a replacement remote...
Do you have Plex running for LG Media Link? The last version of Plex introduced a serious bug which causes the TV to reboot (even if MediaLink is not running).The latest version of Plex seems to fix the issue.
3D content looks fine on this TV at 120hz. Also, 120hz does indeed work as I was able to enable/disable LG trumotion.
I saw that, I was hoping it was an "isolated" incident... guess not?Is it legal to sell such a broken product? I cancelled my order for the L6200U, ordered a LG 47LM6400 instead. All smart TV functions seem to work great, price was only 50.00 more (898 vs 849 CAD) at Costco.
I just bought a 47L6200 from Costco. I went with the Toshiba for the best bang for the buck. The Toshiba has all the basics, 3D, 120hz, thin design, etc. The Smart TV features are pretty poor on this TV, but like you, I prefer to use XBMC or a dedicated box like a Roku. Buy the TV from a place you can return (i.e. Best Buy/Futureshop/etc)... that way if you don't like it, just take it back for an exchange.
New Posts  All Forums: