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How do you self-broker? Is it a lot of work to do?
I believe the woofer is supposed to be bi-amped with the fronts; just debating 10" woofers or 8" (since inwalls monoprice has is only 8")
Looks like most Pioneer amps have bi-amp capability. Whew.Right now I'm thinking of getting a 60" Plasma.So one center should produce enough sound to fill a 20 x 18 room (one side is open tho).
Thanks for all the info everyone; For the MonoPrice 10" Passive Sub, it mentions bi-amping the speaker with a smaller in-wall to create a fuller sound. So assuming my amp (i.e. Pioneer TX1014) has biamp capability, does this mean I can use my "rear" speakers and set them to bi-amp mode and wire it to the passive sub? Then the amp will send the front left/right sound to both the speaker and the woofer? So: Amp FR -> FR Speaker Amp RR -> FR Woofer Amp FL -> FL...
I'm pretty familiar with cable management - but only from a network/computer perspective. I never did figure out how to do it properly from the receiver to the wall plate. If anyone has some photos that'll be great
Two more questions for you guys:For a 7.1 setup, do you thinking using two 6.5" as the rear centers would be any issues, or should I stick with all 8" speakers?Also, how do you guys keep your wires all neat? In a 7.1 setup, there are 8+ cables coming out of the receiver into the wall panel... How do you keep it from looking like a big mess?Is our Canadian Costco membership valid in the US?
Are the 8" angled speakers suitable for surround sound use? I also noticed that they're listed as 4ohms instead of 8ohms - is that an issue for a typical receiver?
Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good installer in the Toronto area that does Plasma TV mounts, in-ceiling speakers, and also can run some network cables? The house is a retrofit; unfinished basement. However, I need a couple network runs to the second floor. Thanks!
This weekend at the National Home Show in Toronto, I had a chance to briefly listen to Amina's plaster in-wall speakers. These speakers are embedded into the wall, and are hidden entirely from view (no speaker grilles). I was surprised at how good the speakers sounded; but then again, they had the volume cranked up pretty high, so that may have masked some of the more subtle aspects of the test track. Has anyone had any practical experience with these types of...
I see that a couple new soundbars have been announced at CES 2009, but nothing like Yamaha's YSP... Anyone hear of a new YSP model from Yamaha for 2009?
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