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I believe that you turn on the 10 point setting and use those values. It is my understanding that when 10-pt is on, the 10-pt "off" settings are not applicable and vice-versa.
I'm at 65% HD on the DarbeeI watch mostly in THX Movie with N3W813's latest settings
Just put them in, so far they look pretty good, but I'll also admit that it's so hard to really tell without an A/B comparison which is too hard to do manually. But so far after a few hours of watching, I'm not seeing any reason to change. I do have IVC at low and a Darbee as well.
Never tried with a PC, but I have an all in one usb charging station (phones, mps3 players, etc.) is it charges the glasses just fine.
I can confirm this as well. I use both the Elite and non "Elite" versions of the glasses and both work fine
http://www.avsforum.com/t/1358702/official-sharp-elite-pro-70x5-and-60x5-owners-thread/8940#post_22061808(well a reply that contains them)
Those are the people that bought sonys KIDDING
No chance of you watching Showgirls or 9 Songs?
Saw the vt50 yesterday....very impressive and on par with the elite, especially given the price. It had the least amount of yellow flashing of any plasma I've ever seen. There was still enough to bother me, especially on white/black edges) so plasma displays are still not an option for me, but so much better than the older kuro plasmas to my eyes. I can see both the Elite and the VT50 providing years of viewing pleasure to the respective buyers.
I was the same way initially, but now that I've seen several movies in 3D with the family, I really enjoy it and they love it.
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