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Has anyone had success backing up the external hard drive using a PC? I understand it is a Linux type format Windoze does not like but can you use imaging software like Disk Magic to create a cloned disk? Has anyone actually tried Linux on one of these?
The guy at Dish doesn't seem to know much about his product. Does the commercial skip work on cable channels? I do understand the "30 second" thing between fade to black and I understand it might not skip a 2 minute Cantix commercial. (RTV 4500 veteran) The rep said it only worked on the prime time shows. He also said you can't have any other Dish box with a hopper. Is that because it uses all 3 LNAs? What if I didn't want the prime time tuner at all? Right now I have 2...
My 4500 suddenly stopped updating. I tried to do a reconnect to the network (DHCP release/renew) from the menu. It goes through the first step, obtains a address OK but then fails when trying to connect to the network. I can ping the box from a PC on the network and that router port works to the internet for other computers. What's the deal?
I have a Comcast digital box and the RTV has no problem talking to it
I just had the same thing after H. Charley and I can't get it going either. I had cable for about 20 min but I didn't remember 243 zones either so I didn't try. I REALLY don't want to lose the 70 hrs of shows I have. Thanks for the confirmation that a connect fixes this. I will try the phone update.
I normally watch TV direct from the cable box to the TV. Most of my RTV recordings are on basic cable via the RF in (from a split) but occasionally I want one of the channels the box provides and they go into the RTV via the A/Vs. I really wanted the basic channels 2-99 and the cable box 102-199 but that doesn't look like it will happen. I probably won't be keeping the box and all of my recordings are set up 2-99 so I am not willing to change everything for a few more...
4508 I have an analog box connected through the A/Vs and the RF goes to the RF of my TV with RTV connected to an A/V I also have raw cable coming into the antenna input of the RTV I have a few different lineups available in the setup list, only one has all the channels the box gets. You can't maker them the same or it just shows one set, and hits the A/V input. I want the 2-99 channels in the channel guide to select the antenna and the 102-199 channels in the guide to...
I have a DV2130 that outputs low color levels to the TV from the A/V and RF output. I have swapped it out and the new one does it too. It seems to affect my Sanyo TV but I have 3 VCRs an RTV and a cable box that seem fine. The DV2130 is fine from the tape, logos and setup or the tuner. Only the DVD playback is affected. Any ideas?
You can cross fade with Winamp and most players. I prefer MPXPLAY a DOS solution because you don't have to lug around a 200 meg cartoon interface for something you are just going to listen to. You select from the playlists by song number or it will do random play. It does have a mode that allows stacking up the songs you want to play.
You can make almost any PC "auto on" with a normally closed relay point. Use a 12vdc relay and connect the N/C to "power on". When the 12PS comes up it releases the power on shot and allows the associated reset to go away. This has worked on every ATX machine I have tried it on.
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