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I don't mind Cecily. I'm not a fan of Aidy Bryant. Although I did think Dyke and Fats was the only remotely funny thing that happened during the entire show last night.
Loved seeing him perform with Russell Crowe the other night. Another reminder of why his show is the only one of its kind. Also loved the incredibly awkward interview with Bill Cosby and the hilarious interview with Joan Rivers.
Didn't think I'd like the show, but it semi-hooked me early on and by mid-season I was invested. The highlight of the final episode to me was the slo-mo musical costume change that suddenly stops playing the music. It's one of those idiotic moments that good comedies have me hitting the back button on my remote over and over until my wife threatens to kill me. It also doesn't hurt the show that Andre is an amazing actor.
And This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
My mom and her friends dont know when to laugh unless CBS tells them when to.
I like Craig's monologue, but his interviews are awful. And after the monologue there's not much else to his show. As for Fallon, not sure why Billy Joel let Jimmy sing with him the other night. Jimmy's voice isn't good enough to duet with Billy. It was a fun performance though otherwise.
Is it gross that I found Annie's line about her "stuffies" sexy?
They need to stop revisiting the classics.
Now I want to see the video game episode with the original ending. I like Chevy but I hate Chevy.
I havent watched Dave since the 90s, so I have no idea if that's true, but it's definitely true about Fallon and Conan. All Conan cares about is trying to insert a funny quip into the conversation. Fallon seems to always find a way to make the guest's story about him, and I'm often blown away by how Jimmy manages to talk more than the guests during his interviews. It irritated me 5 years ago when he started Late Night, and it hasn't changed since.
New Posts  All Forums: