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Simon's endless quest to save face. Remember 3 years ago when he said he'd be beating Idol and doing a 20 rating? The American show is dead and the British show he abandoned is in shambles. Part of it is due to the formula not working anymore but a large part has to be due to increased competition, especially when the viewing public has clearly shown they prefer one brand over the others.
X Factor UK. Neither Idol nor The Voice rely on manufactured drama to grab viewers.Idol and The Voice also put more of an emphasis on the actual singer, whereas X Factor admittedly doesnt care as much about the voice as it does the persona. Like I said, good riddance to trash.
As if no one knew this was coming, FOX officially has canceled the show. Good riddance to horrendous TV. That mix of crappy singing, awful fake judging, and manufactured drama might work in the UK, but it failed miserably here.
I watch Conan and Jimmy. The appeal of Jimmy's show to me are the skits, the Roots, and all the humorous/creative things he gets guests to do. None of it really pushes the boundaries of taste that Conan does, though, which is why I think Jimmy is a perfect fit for 11:35. I'm very interested to see what kind of show Seth does at 12:35. In my mind, that's the show with the biggest chance of failing.I agree with others about Leno. I despise his Tonight Show. But as a comedian...
Conan wasn't as consumer friendly as Fallon is. Conan was always seen as a weird looking clown doing weird things that appealed to a very specific niche audience. He never should have been given the Tonight Show. And I say that as someone that likes Conan.
Simon was lucky to get 3 seasons out of this crapfest. It's surprising how little he learned after the disastrous first season. Just kept right on making the same stupid mistakes over and over as the ratings continued to drop and drop.
NBC isn't worried. No late night show provides more viral video worthy content than Fallon. Good riddance to Leno. Dude's been a joke for years.
NBC continues to kill off its Thursday comedies, but once again it looks like they're ready to give Community (and Parks) another season. The dream of 6 seasons and a movie lives on. I hope Troy/Donald returns.
Smart for CBS to get the early season games when it's still unclear who is terrible and who isn't. NFL Network matchups near the end of the season have been pretty much 99 percent garbage.
Unless Donald really pissed off Harmon on his way out, I doubt they'll kill him. There's aways the chance they get another season and a movie. A Community movie (even one made for TV) without Donald would be a real shame. I hope if it does happen Donald gets over his whole "I never want to work for anyone else ever again" thing.
New Posts  All Forums: