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I think I might have to bear down and watch it again tomorrow to fully appreciate everything. The show feels so weird with Hickey, Chang, and Duncan in the study room instead of Pierce and Troy. In the immortal words of Troy (in reference to Annie's boobs) - I miss them sooooo much!
This is why the British never win anything! Because everybody else cheats!
I don't know why, but I always assumed the school was in southern California. Came kind of as a shock to hear that it was Colorado. I loved Duncan's excuse for the British always losing.
It was alright I guess. Felt like a rushed version of the much better paint ball episodes. Buzz and Chang were my favorites from this one. My biggest issue with the episode was that there were at least 3 times that I had to turn on text to see what was said.
Everything until WU was great. Drake was one of the better performers they've had in awhile. Not Timblerlake level, but he's up there. The new black chick got more air time in one show than most of the other new people have had all season. That was funny, but she's really attractive so I don't mind. I'm so sick of Aidy Bryant. She plays a version of the same exact character in everything she does. Yawn. I hate that doing WU has limited what Cecily does during the rest of...
I just shotgunned the entire series over the past month and a half thanks to Amazon Prime. Holy shizzzz this show is good. Only episode I havent seen yet is the 2nd of the new season. Gotta say my favorite season so far was the bag-in-the-wall season. Start to finish that was just amazingly well written and acted. I like that the producers are using a lot of people that you normally only associate with comedy. Patton Oswalt last season was amazing in his final episode. I...
I thought that episode was classic season 2 quality. Just greatness all around. Loved Walton Goggins Gaymurdersayswhat? What? He's telling the truth.
I think the show has been consistently really good. Not great yet, but good. And bonus points for not having a laugh track.
I must say that having now watched it two additional times I do too. Maybe I was in the wrong mood when I watched it the first time. It's quite great, and I definitely want a full-length version MP3 of that song playing on the radio, which Ben Folds said last week exists somewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: