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I would get the Denon. Onkyo receivers at this price point have been reliability disasters the last few years. The 09 models seem okay now, but so did the 07 models a year into their life cycle. If by mid 2013 the Onkyo 09s are still going strong, and running cool, then we can say that the reliability problems have been solved.
I was hoping for some sort of dock that I could direct connect to the receiver. I already have audio streaming to the receiver, HTPC, DLNA, etc. working, but pretty much all require a display to get running. I would not mind the simple solution of plugging my player into a dock, and letting it send digital music straight to the receiver through toslink, coax, etc.
Different subject: does anyone have suggestions on an inexpensive and effective way to send digital audio from an iOS device to the receiver? I recall Onkyo having some specialized dock but I'm not sure I care to invest in it, unless it's really the only way. I'd like to be able to come up and pipe my playlist to the receiver.
Hi everyone, I posted about 2-3 weeks ago about my 3007 unit going bad. I dropped it off at the local service center. It was diagnosed as having a bad HDMI board. However, the service center (ABL Electronics in Madison Heights, MI) was able to order, receive and install a new HDMI board in a week. I was without the receiver for maybe 10 days. Sadly no free upgrade, but Onkyo did authorize a warranty repair about 45 days after the warranty had expired. The receiver...
How are people getting replacement units? The person I spoke with indicated that there was only a $900 trade-in option from my 3007 to a 3008 model. I am worried about getting a repair that goes bad again in a year. How much does this HDMI board typically cost to replace? Given the number of people having this happen at this point, I would not consider the 09-series necessarily better; it's possible those have the same defect and it won't become apparent until 2014.
Been a while since I posted. Sadly I too join the ranks of owners of defective "no sound" receivers. My 3007 has seen all of about 300 hours of use since I bought it and was on standby for the last week or two. I turned it on and... no sound. Did the factory reset, to no avail. Swapped speakers to another receiver and confirmed they still work. No sound during level calibration, and no sound with the tuner active. No sound with any HDMI source. Onkyo on the phone...
I wanted to ask if I can get by with a couple of UPS units to solve my problem. I'm renting. No "whole house" stuff, please. I'm not so worried about lightning strikes. I am worried about the power flickering on and off which happens somewhat regularly. Sometimes there are brownouts. Sometimes it goes out for a second or two, then back on, then back off, two or three times in quick succession. I think sometimes there are spikes that damage things; I have a...
I could use some help here. My TX-NR3007 has no sound now. I'm not sure when it happened; I left it off for two days while I was working long hours, and this evening no sound. Nothing had changed. Source - anything. Bluray from Oppo, HD cable, Wii, etc. Source boxes say they are sending audio. When I press Display on the Onkyo, it shows a video screen but hitting it a second time does not bring up the Audio info screen. Doing a speaker level test does not give...
Hi everyone, Is there a nighttime mode or quiet mode for this receiver? Something that cuts down the bass a bit at night? Other receivers I've owned have this but I haven't seen the feature on the remote in any of the OSD menus.
I'd like to mention that I am disappointed by the lack of support for HD Radio on this unit. Given the size of the enclosure you'd think they could have found some space inside for it. Mine has been having some slowness syncing to audio signals over HDMI. Sometimes it does within 3-4 seconds, sometimes it takes 20 seconds and other times it doesn't sync at all and has to be unplugged then powered back up. I'm growing a bit concerned by this.
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