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Its a personal taste, but i havent tryed the LS50 without sub in cinema yet, but i will, and more importent the size of the room. My living room 20 square(average American bedroom?), the LS50 realy sing with amazing deep bass notes...they are perfect in my room for music. I also have the Kef R500 and Infinity kappa 600 with "10" woofer, and it seems they both is the much in this room
My answear is no. I have both spekaers and prefer the LS50...without sub in a 20 square room
LS50 with good amplification in a not so big room, dont need any sub
I realy dont know, but i have the R500 and the LS50 and cannot hear any difference betwenn the Onkyo 1010 and Pioneer LX85(D amp) in pure direct
Well i had the Onkyo 905 and now the Onkyo 1010...and the Pioneer LX85(Europeian model), and honosly the 1010 sounds better to music, and the LX 85 sounds the same to me in "pure direct". They both sounds very good
They are on speaker stands, and about 15cm from backwall. The left speaker is also in the corner, so the placement is far far from optimal. I also have all bungs in the speakers, and dont know if this could have something with the Audyssey setting?My new apartment is much more optimal for this lovely speakers, so i cant wait to move
My Audyssey crossed them at 40Hz...abit wierd, but it sounds amazing
Ok thanks jimCant wait to move in my new apartment where the living room is something around 20-25 square....perfect for the LS50 and the R500 i hope:)
Could you specify a medium room for me? 20 square?
Yepp Sir it is.I have tryed 3 different speakersetup in this room, and all improved alot with XT32/MCACC. But again in a big room the adventage or impact is not big, atleast to my ears
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