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Could you expand on that?The way the judges hammered on Janelle last night after both songs left me with the impression that Janelle in the one the want to go. But I'm curious what you're thinking is.
A ruling for Aereo is much more likely to result in completely "walled- gardens" where you have to agree to all content owners terms to obtain a "license" to view the material than it is to result in more ala carte options. The Movie of the Week on OTA is already almost extinct because the content owners don't want to put out an HD version of their content for free. If any joe blow can just retransmit their content to thousands of people and still claim that it's a...
Wow, no comments about last night's show. Well, if the save is still in play, I think this is the week we see it used. I expect that if anyone other than Janelle is the bottom then the save will be used.
I so rarely get a call correct that I feel the need to toot my own horn a bit. Heck I feel like Cochran winning an immunity challenge. I was one week early, but I'm still going to say i called it. And I have to hand it to Phil, that was about as classy an exit as I think can be made on Survivor, by taking one for the alliance by telling everyone to stick to the original voting plan and that if he ended up getting eliminated it was worth it to force the idols to be played.
I think it'd be hilarious if bunch of people bought a single Aereo account and then shared it by transmitting to just one person at a time in a big long daisy chain so that each retransmission was a "private" performance.
I was expecting Jacoby to do an even better job last night, but if anything, his feet were even worse than on Monday. Karina really needs to whip him into shape.
There are really rare and expensive cheeses that sell for over $100 per lb, so a wheel that size could potentially be in the mid thousands. But a couple of hundred would be very common.
Being lazy, I followed Ron's lead and didn't type out the names.
There's no way to send information over Ethernet without it being packed into packets defined by the protocol and then modulated onto the physical media as defined by the protocol. Anything else is going to look like noise or interference or bad packets to the first router it hits.So if you take Aereo at their word, they have to have at least one antenna and ATSC receiver per customer. The desired channel has to be demodulated off of it's carrier frequency and reformed...
I was listening to my backlog of Tech News Today podcasts and in one of them they mentioned the court cases were in fact just about getting a preliminary injunction. So Aereo hasn't really "won" anything yet, unlike all the other crappy "journalists" out there have led us to believe. It's almost impossible to get preliminary injunctions out of a judge, especially an injunction that would completely shut down the defendant's business. The plaintiff usually has to have a...
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