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Not to be a total nay-sayer, and I don't have a chromecast, but it seems they are really set up for streaming from various supported sites (that is google's focus, at least), and I've never heard of DTS being used for streaming. Has anyone? I just can't see them supporting it ever, if it isn't used by Netflix (which it isn't) or anyone else (youtube, amazon, etc.).
So, it seems the concern over the newest firmware update re: picture quality isn't an issue. I saw a few posts about it, then someone keeping count said there was really only 1 person standing by (or not refuting, at least) their initial concern. Anyone else notice anything funky with the firmware update? Mine is all set up...watching some content after about 50 hours of slides. DNice should be calibrating in January. Really loving the TV. Wish it were completely silent....
I've read Hugo was supposed to be a great showcase for 3D. You can get it pretty cheap from Frys or Amazon. I just tried it out last night, but I can't compare as it was my first viewing of 3D content at home. I thought it was pretty good, but a little dark. Also saw some crosstalk, but I had it set to 120 Hz and apparently switching to 98Hz will fix that somewhat.
I was messing with this last night. even with my ps3 set to output 24Hz, I couldn't mess with the setting until I was playing actual content at 24Hz.
Great questions!
For those waiting for their unit to show up.... Ordered mine from Amazon, just arrived today from Pilot (2 guys, very nice). The didn't really do much, which is fine with me. It is still sitting in the Styrofoam base/box, but they powered it up and waited for me to inspect it. I couldn't inspect the bottom corners because of the Styrofoam, but didn't want to mess with putting it on a stand only to wall mount later tonight. No problems with the panel, no cracks from what I...
Ahhh. I was going to wait too...but I have an S2 and the Amazon price drop made it an easy choice for me. Unless you're OK with going 4K LCD, and not OLED, then you've got a choice to make. I was considering waiting for 4K OLED, then I realized after researching that it isn't a slam dunk that they'll be good enough and reasonably priced in the next several years.If I had a VT50 I'd probably wait, except for the fact that this is the last year for Panny plasmas...so if you...
Hmmmm, thanks. Didn't know that. Wow, that stinks. I've never played with firmware on a TV before (I have an S2 right now).
Yeah, this would be a good time to ask anyone who downloaded the previous firmware to please save it in case a lot of others here need it. I won't be updating mine right away when it comes next week, but I probably would have prior to reading these posts......as usual with AVS forums, we have another issue to obsess over!
I think a lot of people on this forum had 50 series and upgraded....I take it from all your smiley faces that you posted so you could feel good about your purchase?Yes, different (better?) design, better black levels, reports of better 3D. I wouldn't expect earth shattering improvement from the 50 series, but it is better than the 50 (as expected from year-over-year improvements). Just trying to understand the reason for your post...were you considering upgrading, or just...
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