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A decade of following various threads on all of my potential purchases (HTPCs, Boxee box, TVs, playstations, etc.) for noise issues have always basically ended the same: some people swear that their unit doesn't have noise, and other do. The question is whether those that don't have the noise actually have different units, or they just don't hear it. I'm inclined to believe that for any number of reasons they don't hear the noise others do (just based on past experience)....
I use this one, and I've been happy with it:Sanus Systems LL11-B1http://www.amazon.com/Sanus-Systems-LL11-B1-37-Inch-Ultra-Thin/dp/B002E2N1XU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1386106732&sr=8-1&keywords=sanus+flush
Awesome. I put my money where my mouth is and just bought the 65VT60 too. Can't wait. I have a 58S2, and I really like the TV but am expecting to be blown away by this one!
I don't think any of the screen size calculators would tell you that 65 inches is too big for 10 ft....I'd go with that if you have the extra cash.
Hey...I don't understand this post. Are you saying you use MB3 (media browser 3, right?) to serve to the plex iOS client?
Yeah, just saw 1.0 and came here to see if anyone was talking about it. I think the interface looks pretty nice now. Does anyone know if the issue with skins not working well with PHT (since they were built for PMS) has been largely resolved? Are most skins available for PHT now? Thanks!
Amazon has it listed as 4.6 inches in height....but to answer your second question: correct, no line of sight needed for the remote.
Hi, I browsed the Plex forums a bit for this issue, but left confused...maybe someone here has experience with this. I'm thinking of building a new HTPC, and with the upcoming Steam OS stuff, I was thinking it may be worth building a linux box and trying that out before shelling out the money for Windows. I knew Plex HT was supposedly coming to Linux, but I'm not sure what the current state of that is. Anyone here have experience with Plex HT on Linux (and PMS for that...
I'm eyeing a new Haswell NUC for an XBMC/Plex box too. Just beware, there is a bug in the intel integrated graphics firmware that is causing rendering issues with XBMC. It has been around for several months without an updated fix. If you buy a 3xxx NUC, then you can roll back to an earlier driver, but that isn't an option right now for the 4xxx series Haswell chips (Haswell NUCs aren't available yet, so this isn't an issue now, but I hope they fix it soon).
Wow, Boxee just gave 7 days notice until discontinuation of the cloud DVR service. Unbelievable. I love my Boxee Box (one of the few, I know...no problems with local content aside from HD audio drops), but really, what a total shaft to customers. I was actually thinking of trying the TV/DVR box....I cant' believe they'd just bail on their customers like that. Even though I didn't get burned, I won't be ever buying anything from Avner again (abandoned Boxee Box, and now a...
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