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Thanks...they've updated that page since I was there yesterday. I don't think they had the NAS guides up before.
Has anyone here tried out Plexconnect? I am running PMS on my ReadyNAS, so my understanding is that this won't work unless I'm using either a PC/MAC as a server...is that correct? Thanks!
Wow...seems great. I can't believe this thread hasn't had more responses..it has been and hour and this is AVS! I've been MIA for a few weeks so maybe there have been other reports of performance in other threads.
I haven't tried Boxee+ yet, but it seems like there hasn't been any activity on it for months. Does it seem stable enough in its current shape?
Isn't there a new HDMI spec due out any time (I seem to recall it will pass 4K at 60Hz...or something like that)? Will any of the receivers this year support this new HDMI spec (by any brand)? I'd love to upgrade, but this seems like a big deal if someone (like me) keeps a receiver for 4-6 years. I'd hate to get a 4K tv in 2-3 years and find out I need to upgrade my receiver since it doesn't support 4K in at 60Hz.
So....I played around a bit more last night, making sure to set my receiver (Denon 1909, but I don't think it touches HDMI video, only analog to digital conversion) to match any color space changes. In any event, the only way I could get the test patterns to show up correctly was to use RGB Full (i kept the y Pb/Cb mode to auto or Y Pb/Cb), and to set the TV Blacks to "Dark". I know this is what everyone has recommended against, but I think that was in the context of...
Thanks. I'm confusing myself with all the options. I wished it worked with the test patterns when the tv was set to "light", ps3 to auto and rgb limited. Theoretically, wouldn't you get identical results if you had set it to "dark" on the tv and set to ps3 to rgb full (since there would just be no information in the low/high ranges)? Doesn't the problem occur with clipping when the tv is set to 1 format (eg "light") and the source is set to the other (rgb full)? Confusing...
One more question....about Full RBG. The only way I was able to get the contrast and brightness test patterns to work correctly was to use Full RGB. I know it compresses blacks at the lower range, but if I was able to calibrate to just show the ideal black, and not the non visible blacks, with nicely graded visible blacks on the other side of "ideal black", then is there really anything wrong with it? I guess I'm saying, if I can get Full RGB to work well with the test...
Thanks for the help. I'll need to double check tonight, but by switching to RGB (forced) the test patterns that shouldn't be visible disappeared, but I suspect that is just due to blocking anything that is less than RBG 15 and greater than RGB 235, so I'm not sure that I solved the problem...just hid it! If it is set to Y Pb/Cb, then I see the whiter than white stars, so it seems like it is best to use that setting and just get them as close to disappearing as possible...
Thanks...i didn't think the AVR did anything to the signal, but I'll check. As for the color space....how can I adjust that? I thought it was dependent on the source material. Maybe I'm way off on this. You're saying I should be able to select Y Pb/Cb output on my PS3/blu-ray player somehow? I need to research color spaces I suppose.
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