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yeah, PHT seems pretty good. I like it. If you like Plex, you should consider a subscription to support them and get some goodies like plexsync for offline viewing on mobile devices. I did the lifetime membership for $75, but there are monthly and yearly options if you want to dip your toes in the water... great group of developers
Come on....do tell! what did you get burned on?
By people, are you talking about customers (plasma buyers), or the manufacturers (as way to fill in the potentially longer-than-expected wait for OLED)?Didn't LG exit the plasma business this year, while Samsung/Panasonic appear to be putting more resources into the higher-end plasmas? Kind of odd, right? Maybe LG decided they couldn't compete there and the low priced plasma business wasn't so hot.
Thanks for the updates Bob...remind me, it is possible to get a Plex App installed on (all) GoogleTV boxes, or is it limited to certain systems? I assume that's how you're using Plex on this box.
Here's what I use...also under $500 http://www.amazon.com/ReadyNAS-diskless-Attached-generation-RNDU4000/dp/B003V8AL8O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1363032886&sr=8-1&keywords=readynas+ultra+4 ---edit---this link is for the Ultra 4, not the Ultra4+ (which I have)....the Ultra4+ runs about ~$100-150 more. I know a lot of people like they synology software, and it does seem better than Readynas. I chose the readynas because it offered squeezebox integration. If I could choose...
I've only ever used a ReadyNas...so for my setup,yeah, about $1000. It is super simple, add the drives (all similar capacity), pick your type of redundancy, then let it run for ~ 1 day prepping (striping) the drives. Then, just treat it like one big ol' drive and add what you want.
Hi, No, you don't need double capacity. It depends on which flavor of RAID you choose, but I have a 4 bay Readynas, all with 3TB drives, and I essentially get to use 3 for storage (so roughly 9TB is available), and I'm protected from a single drive failure.
Well, a NAS could give you protection in the event of a single drive failure..if you just have a HDD, then all the work ripping would be lost with a drive failure.
strange..it has the same back as the previously referenced image (no mounting holes). I wonder where they get these images from. Would Samsung give these out?
I believe Randy was referring to the ZT60 (not the VT60) vs. the ST60. ....basically, it seems that the ZT60 might be a big improvement over the VT series, so the gap between the ST series and the top of the line series (now the ZT series) might be bigger than last year (when it was ST vs. VT).
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