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I traded a 60 gb (March 2007 build) in for an 80 gb version (July 2007 build). I haven't checked the blades in my 80gb unit yet, but my 60gb had 19 blades. both were built in china. I still hear the fan noise on my new unit. I don't think anything major has changed. It doesn't really kick into high gear, but it stays on the 2nd fan speed during ps2 or dvd playback. quite audible, but steady fan noise. Nothing extraordinary, but I wish it was quieter. Oh well. So, in...
I can offer only my experience based on 2 consoles..... but I returned my 60gb (March 2007 build) for an 80 gb (July 2007 build), both China. It seems to me that they create equal fan noise during movie playback, ps2 game playback,etc. The fan noise is noticable, and somewhat annoying, but I don't think there is anything "wrong" with either system. I was just hoping the new one would be much quieter.
try pressing the "triangle" button and selecting "display all". sometimes I find that the PS3 doesn't see my mp3s until I select "display all" (when using an attached HDD).
I use a FAT32 external HDD with my Windows XP laptop formatted in NTFS. I use it to transfer files to my PS3 with no problems (remember to hit the triangle button and select "list all" when tranferring your files in xmb.....otherwise the ps3 sometimes can't see them).
1080i (Hitachi S715 RPCRT) I returned my PS3 in the hopes of getting a quieter one in the future with the 65 nm cell. It wasn't terrible, but just a little too loud from 12 feet away while watching a movie for my taste (i can't complain too much, since it is a pretty powerful piece of hardware; nevertheless, it was louder than I want it to be when watching a movie).
You've only had one unit, right? How can you make a statement like that based on your experience with 1 unit? This is similar to the logic behind statements like "I knew a guy who ran 10 miles every day and dropped dead of a heart attack, but I know another guy who smoked 10 packs a day and lived to be 100... therefore I don't see why i should exercise". An n=1 isn't really an argument. I had my ps3 (returned it because of the fan) outside of my rack standing vertical and...
Nice post...well said.
Hey, You've probably tried these, but just to double check Have you scanned your library with Tversity? (it can take a long time) Have you set TVersity to "start sharing" I've got a Tversity logo under movies, music, and pic, in the xmb. It just appears once I start sharing. Sorry I can't be more help. There are some help files/topic on the Tversity website about making sure your router is configured properly.
[quote=egrady]This is the first time i've heard this as well.
Hey Goatse, I've heard lots of "rumors" that the Korean version uses the 65nm processor, but i haven't actually seen reliable confirmation of this. Do you know of one? I agree it makes sense that they included the 65 nm version in the korean ps3 (given that they have been producing them since March), but do you can you link to any source? Just curious. skro
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