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Cool, that's exactly what I was hoping would be the case. I can live without the On-Demand and all that stuff for which I know you need a digital package. I just want to make sure I have the locals in HD. Cheers, Mark
Hi, Thanks for the answer. I don't have a QAM tuner, so I know I will need an HD box from Comcast. My question is whether they will let me have a box if I just subscribe to the "Limited Cable" package, since all we want are the local channels the package is really all we need. Cheers, Mark
Hi All, Sorry to ask a question that may have been asked a ton of times before (I tried searching but couldn't quite find the right answer). We are moving from out of state into a new house and would like to get just the HD local channels from Comcast. We don't need a DVR, just the regular box. What is the minimum package we will have to subscribe to in order to get the box, etc. Thanks so much, Mark
Dan, Thanks so much for the reply. We're moving into the town home in a month or so, so I'm sure I'll be back at that point with more questions, cries for help, etc.!! Cheers, Mark
Dan, Thanks so much for the reply. I took a look at the Channel Master 4221 and it's very different from the type of antenna we had installed in Dallas - I think it was something like the CM 3018 (we had it in our attic there). I was wondering if you could elaborate at all on what you mean by "doesn't have to be on the rooftop, just where it can see from SWest to SEast" (sorry, I'm so ignorant of most of these things!). Do you mean it just needs to be on the south side of...
Hi All, My wife and I just recently moved from Dallas to Seattle and will soon be moving to our new townhome at 8552 Midvale Ave N (Just a little bit north and east of Aurora Ave N and 85th St, I guess). It sounds like Seattle can be a pretty complex place to get good OTA reception, so I was wondering if all the experts on this thread could give any thoughts on what the prospects were like for OTA reception from that address. Is there any possibility an indoor antenna...
Quick question for tokerblue or others - what numbers should we look for regarding sufficient bandwidth for 1080i? What are the consequences of insufficient bandwidth? Thanks, Mark
I'll second tfs' question about Dish Network compatibility. Also, still wondering if anyone has used the WMA-Pro decoding, just to see how it work and what the parameters are. Cheers, mark
Just wondering if anyone had had a chance to play with the WMA-9 decoding feature these new pioneers have. I asked pioneer via email if there were any specs on the decoder - especially if there were bit-rate limits, variable bit-rate support, lossess WMA support, etc. - but the reply back was pretty much clueless. Would love to hear from someone on here who had tried it. I have a bunch of cds ripped to my pc with WMA lossless and it would be interesting to see if they...
KRiS1 - thanks for the heads-up about the new RS series. One quick question about the S1s - are you using them for stereo or as part of a 5.1 setup? If in stereo, can they hold their own, or do they need the support of a sub? Thanks, Mark
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