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there is a new privacy setting allowing user to turn off data collection.also something called "live plus" on/off setting. dont know what this is
"LG's latest smart TV Magic Remote can control other devices, understand natural language" http://www.engadget.com/2012/12/19/lgs-latest-smart-tv-magic-remote-can-control-other-devices-und/ anyone know if this will work with the lm6200 model?
update: enabling QOS for the LG's mac address didnt help at all and actually made the buffering worse. but, changing my channel width setting from 20MHz to turbo 40 MHz and also adjusting my security settings a bit, I was able to extend HD streaming to about 25-35 sec before rebuffering.
I dont know the exact reason either but since I can stream uninterrupted hd video to my 37" vizio and to my portable devices in any area of the house, it must be something to do with the LG tv and how it handles incoming transcoding from the server. the longest I gotten one (HD) to play on the LG is about 12 seconds before it stops to buffer. As I said, wmv sd video plays fine. I am still looking into trying to set my router's firmware to use QOS for the LG's mac...
downloaded new 04.30.31 firmware no problem. everything working fine. but I do have a problem streaming hd video from my desktop pc to my LG tv using Plex media server and LG medialink . unfortunately the hd videos stop to buffer about every 7 or 8 seconds. (but this also happens using windows media sharing) streaming sd wmv movies play fine on the tv and streaming the hd videos to my tablet or phone play smoothly also so I'm not convinced its a problem with my router...
LG site lists firmware 04.30.31 for 65lm6200 as latest firmware. My tv is working perfectly for me now so I am always suspicious of loading new firmware and then having bugs develop. does this firmware add anything new? anyone having any hiccups in performance after installing the new firmware. thanks
I had this problem but my router is located in an office some distance from tv, but all my other wifi devices were still able to connect from same distance so I bought a wifi extender and it has helped quite a bit. I put it in the spot close to where the tv is located. as an added plus, I now get a strong wifi signal in my backyard area.http://www.amazon.com/Diamond-Multimedia-Wireless-Extender-WR300N/dp/B005D5M136
please take time to read entire thread. you can also read threads of other LG models in that a lot of the info applies across the board to all models
it will give you a message that an update is available and ask if you want to download it. there is also an option in the settings that allow you to turn off all updates so you wont even get notification of an available update if thats what you want.
http://www.avsforum.com/t/1403070/lg-passive-lm6200-dedicated-thread/450#post_22271637 local dimming can be activated in service menu
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