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Could you elaborate on this response. Like list the 15+ styles and tell us which styles work. My structured wiring and primary A/V cabinet is almost in the center of my house, thus my longest run is 35ft, so I don't have a distance problem.
Will be in the market for a 4x4 HDMI matrix switch, between now and the end of the year. Searched the forum, and read many of the previous threads on the subject. There appears to be only two that are getting recommendations; the Gefen or the RT Com -Digital Extender. These are the two most expensive solutions, I have managed to find several less expensive 4x4 HDMI matrix switches, but there is not much feedback. Would like to hear your thoughts on the subject, such...
Until Rich responds (oops he's already responded)- This is from their website: http://www.goelstamerica.com/AmericaGoelst America inc.1625 Lakes Parkway.Suite NLawrenceville. Georgia30087United States of AmericaTel: +1 866 393-9566 Toll-freeTel: +1 678 990-3091 LocalFax: +1 678 990-2533info@goelstamerica.com
Would you tell us more, such as which curtain/panel system you went with? and possibly who were the top three that you considered? and if you have any additional time explain why your choice was picked?
No experience with this, but here is a 4x4 matrix switch. http://www.cecompass.com/index.asp?P...ROD&ProdID=103
Let's see I ordered a unit for back-up around 2/27. It arrived about 3/3, my disk request form probably went in on 3/4. Received the following today: The Italian Job Miami Vice World Trade Center The Departed Blood Diamond And although some decent movies, none were ordered, and I already have them all. Still I appreciate them trying to fulfill the request given the situation.
Typing this is like being a lamb at a slaughter, but I remember the first time I read about how to measure ANSI contrast, it registered in my brain, that it represented how well a device could display edge detail. You have these tiny pixels inside the projector, being blasted 15 to 20 feet, and you are measuring how well it could contain the white light, within it's box without leaking over to the adjacent black square. If I imagined that if ANSI and on-off contrast...
From: http://www.news.com/8301-10784_3-9932311-7.html April 30, 2008 10:43 AM PDT Blu-ray player sales down despite format victory Posted by Erica Ogg Looks like it wasn't the HD DVD/Blu-ray battle that was keeping potential customers away from high-definition video players after all. The NPD Group released some of its retail sales tracking data Wednesday that showed sales of Blu-ray standalone players (not a PlayStation 3, combo player, or PC with Blu-ray drive)...
Disc cases from UK and Australia that I've received are essentially the same height, and depth, but the width is greater, I'd say cases in USA are about 1/32" short of a 0.5", and UK/Australia are about 1/16" greater than a 0.5". So the difference is they are about 3/32" wider than US cases.The only really strange case I received was for Bonnie & Clyde, and I don't remember where it's from (maybe even the US) - but it's made out of hard cardboard (instead of red plastic)...
[quote=karpodiem;13750503]anyone have any experience tuning in Wide Open West QAM HD channels with SageTV? Sorry I don't know anything about SageTV, and this response may mislead you rather than help, BUT The QAM tuners in both my TV's locate Wide Open West HD channels after a scan, as follows: Channel Station 200 ABC-HD 201 CBS-HD 202 FOX-HD 203 NBC-HD 204 CW-HD (50) 205 PBS-HD (56) 206 MYTV-HD (20)
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