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There was absolutely no external or internal indication the box had ever been open. The firmware updated itself to 1.49 and is the official firmware.
My DMP-BDT220 can't play Region A Blu-Ray disks. Loading a disk gives the following message: "This disk has been coded for Region A only and will not play in your Region B player". I got the player from Amazon and the original Box says it is a Region A player. Are there any options short of returning it that I have? Update: I had Amazon send me a replacement. It arrived the next day and the new one plays all Region A discs fine. BTW, I considered getting the hacked...
Just got "The Artist" Blu-ray from Netflix. On the BDT-220 I have, it says it won't play because it says it is the wrong region code. It will play on my BDT-110. Both are region A. What the heck? Both the recent and slightly older firmware versions of the BDT-220. The irony of a silent black and white movie not playing on the newer blu-ray player doesn't escape me. I've got plenty of region A only disks that work fine on both players.
Sorry, gone are the days a high end player makes any sense for all but people that don't care about money. The same quality picture and audio can be had for a $110 Panasonic 3D Blu-Ray player on Amazon.com with an actual warranty. Then you can take the $240 you save and buy 12 movies from Amazon or rent hundreds of them from Redbox.BTW, the TV is the one telling you to put on the glasses.
Absent a 3d bluray player, your cable company probably has 3D on demand content from HBO and others. I have FIOS and the HBO 3D on demand content works fine.
It is not Sharp's fault, Adobe abandoned Flash for smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray players and Smart TVs. It is simply not going to be in any of these products from now and into the future. SEE VHS.
Complaining that the TV doesn't have flash is kind of like complaining it doesn't have a VHS player. Flash is out of date and is not supported by Adobe in mobile devices anymore. i.e. it won't even be in future phones. Maybe two years ago, you would have a good flash argument, but now that flash ship has sailed.All of these smart TV features and apps will be out of date and largely useless in a year, so I'd prefer that Sharp and others would just not even put them in...
If the arrow is not powering off, then the TV is not powering off. I don't think there is a setting that will fix this. It is either operator error of the ilk you are just powering off the cable box and not the TV, or there might be an actual firmware or hardware error you have encountered. Just do a factory reset and move on from there.
Thanks to this forum I was alerted to the Sams Club Auctions for these TVs. On September 25th I won the LC-60C8470U for $1304. In total the costs broke out like this: TV: $1304 MD sales tax: 78.24 Delivery: $75.78 Sams Club Membership: $40 Total: $1498.02 I've seen this TV go for as low as $1200 in the auctions, so don't overpay. Quite a deal considering the lowest I have currently seen this TV in local retail stores is $1900. I was going to wait until November,...
Google says that model doesn't exist. Without knowing your accurate model number, no one can google, download your manual, and read it for you. The power setting on the models in this thread has nothing to do with startup delay.
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