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You back in businees now? What was the problem?
Pull the plug on the Router and Unscrew the Coax, wait 2 minutes. Reconnect Coax then Plug power back in. Wait 2~3 minutes for the system to boot and establish connection to the Verizon network. If you still have no WAN connection call Verizon because you have a problem with service delivery. Your Widgets/ Guide Data/ On Demand, ALL rely on the Data via that Router.
Yes, you would be able to watch recordings from either location. Meaning from location 1 you could watch shows recorded on location 2's DVR and vise versa.
Crankerchick is correct. I missed the part where you only have an STB in your bedroom and not another DVR.
Most of the New Installs are getting the latest 7232 STB Yes you can do that.
No problems like that for me and I've not read anywhere else of that issue.
I'm still enjoying my HLN567W and it's still on the original bulb.
Used ones are Stolen, so NO. All Verizon DVR's are the property of Verizon. They have to be autherized on the network before they can be put into use. Thats not going to happen with an Ebay or Craig's List unit.
Just received my 7323/2 yesterday! Two things I noticed right off the bat are that this box is much faster/responsive then the 6416 that I was using and unfortunatly I can no longer use the Remote DVR function via my Blackberry because the DVR menu now says it's only available to Verizon cell phone users (hogwash). Anyone know when 1.9a or 1.9.1 is supposed to be rolled out in North Texas (Carrollton)?
Have you tried confirming that all your Fans are in fact running? Also if the circuit boards are real dusty I have seen systems where they will short out and therefore basicly reset/power off everything.
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