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there must be an option to turn any surround modes off...and listen to the direct 2.0. But, I would suspect that if you have a 5.1 system, you would do best to listen to this in dpl II.
I love the topic of this thread....but..and this is a big butt ( i like big butts) YOU CANNOT COMMENT ON THE SOUNDTRACKS IF YOU ARE AWARE OF WHAT THEY ARE!! YOU CAN'T! Your bias will either create a difference or make it sound the same...and that's that. The only way to do this comparison is blind and absolutely level matched. Those that say it's something like "fuller" with the DTSHDMA track...I say, I doubt it....very much. Were the levels matched? Subjectively we...
I think it IS going to beat a plasma... I owned a couple of this years plasmas...and yes, they are higher in contast in just about all scenes. BUT...they are simply noisy as hell. From virtually any distance I can see a high contrast image made up of mostly noise. I don't have super human vision either...and I sincerely wanted to love the plasma. I just didn't... This Samsung shows me a clean picture...to me that makes for a more realistic picture. This may be achieved...
I'd be very interested to hear how a laser disc looks on a plasma...my guess is that it would not look good at all...but, let us know!
this would yield raw material of 108x48 each and cost approximately 140 shipped. note : This would not be a tilted cut. So, you would either be ok with that...or you would have to do your own tilt and make a smaller screen. I have a crt and likely don't need any tilt...maybe some digitals are ok without much tilt.
I understand that the serial number should have a B in it, to denote that it's dc3? Is there an absolutely definitive way of determining this? Or is this method above the absolute method? Is there anything else written on the projector chassis or something like that? Maybe a DC3 logo or something? Ben
Jason, how did that 720p LG stack up against other projectors? Obviously, the limitation being screen size...but, how was the pic quality? Ben
How could you say this wouldn't be as good as a DC2?? Has anyone owned home theater projectors and tried one of these led dlps? Are they that bad?? I would think that on a conservative screen they would outperform a lot of home theater projectors...more light/lumens is not necessarily a good thing. Any time that I had a digital, I found myself using a ND filter on it to tame the light output. More light usually means more noise...and a harsher picture. I am very...
still for sale?
svideo is only good if the the players comb filter is better than the displays...it's a composite signal, so...odds are that the composite connection is likely better. LD's did sound great....some sounded really great. Last time I had one I compared DVD version of Mission Impossible to the LD...the LD sounded so much better...fuller...etc. It's hard to even explain it. Now I'm thinking of getting another LD player!!
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