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I had a 50st50 last year...didn't like it at this same distance, too much noise and artifacting... so I went 42 this time. I said it might not be optimal, but it's my choice and I'm very happy with it. Maybe YOU could learn something?? Good lord...get whatever screen size you want, I don't care. I also have a 96" wide 2.35 screen in the basement...so, it's not like I haven't tried all kinds of screen sizes. While the 108" screen is cool, and can be great for movies. A...
I think resolution is the most overrated aspect of pic quality... I could care less about fine detail...I want a nice smooth picture with good contrast and accurate color.
If I like this distance, then that's that. Why would you argue with me about it? That's ridiculous. I saw a 4k today...didn't look any better than 1080p to me. At least, not much better. Take any issues with pic quality, like noise, dither, artifacting...and they are more visible on a larger screen. It's really as simple as that. The difference between 42 and 50 is not like night and day. So, my pref is to minimize the pic issues and maximize pic quality. I feel that a...
I'm thinking 100% contrast is not optimal...it almost can't be...try calibrating to a lower light output and recheck your gamma.
I wouldn't disagree that screen size is not optimal, but pic quality is more important to me than size. You may rank screen size higher on your list, and I would not quibble with your preferences. I would optimally want a 42" vt, but I am starting to feel fairly satisfied with this set. Just do not use the high drive mode...it is horrendous, to say the least.
good point...I'll break out the analyzer. Meanwhile, I'll implement your latest mid panel settings and see how they look. Thanks for your inputs. Ben
I wasn't pretending... I said I meant it when I posted. This thread can be left for dead now...no questions remain to be answered.
are those the settings I can see from your link? Any chance of doing a calibration for 20-25 ft lamberts? Ben
and yes...I would reverse that thread and say plasma is pretty darn good. And absolutely superior to lcd/led.
I'm 9 or 10 feet away from a 42 inch, and that size is fine...and I'm happy with pic quality with the adjustments that have been made. I haven't watched a dark movie on the new settings though, but I anticipate a better result now. I rub people the wrong way all the time, and I'm ok with that. People are too sensitive...especially when dealing with emotionally charged issues like plasma tv's . I'd just as soon not become part of the herd and stay on the outside. I rarely,...
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