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Ironically, several Hsu and Adire box subs cost less money than any commercial cylindrical sub that I know of. Also, Hsu has a $499 box sub (VTF-2) and $699 box sub (VTF-3) that have features like variable tuning that is not found on any lower priced cylindrical subs.
This question is very difficult to answer because everyone has a different set of values or qualities that they desire in a sub. Some people are looking primarily for max SPL at 20Hz, some people are looking more for musical quality, some people looking for small furniture quality model, some people looking for a specific set of features, etc. I think that you also need to add ADIRE Audio to this list. Generally when people speak of "value" subwoofers, they speak of...
I think it will depend on what type of surface the sub is firing down upon, and where the sub is placed in room. It is a good idea to experiment. As a side experiment, trying placing a wood board and/or granite slab underneath the sub when in downfiring configuration, and let us know how it goes. Thanks
Well Craig, I think you can make a case for having the VTF-3 MK 2.0CC or something like that. Note that this is different than the VTF-3 MK 2.5CC Curtis Chang special edition version that is yet to be released. :D
The front firing VTF-3 model had a grille and it looked fine. The only thing bad about it was the truck bed liner finish, which they don't use anymore thankfully. The main reason Hsu went with downfiring this go-around is because it is supposedly slightly less directional than the frontfiring unit. However, as we are seeing, the powerful downfiring sub with metal spiked feet and driver firing directly into the surface below poses some other potential challenges,...
Hsu's downfiring/spiked solution probably works well on some surfaces like berber carpeting, but it is true that different driver orientations may work better in some rooms. I have been bugging Hsu for a while about offering a more formal solution to account for extra thick carpets and hardwood floors, and having a front-firing sub is one way to overcome this.
I just responded to you :D
I must say, Craig, I am impressed with how much you were able to improve FR results on your VTF-3 MKII. It is true that a front firing sub may react somewhat differently in room vs a down firing sub, all else equal, especially when the downfiring sub is placed on thick carpet where the driver may lack some clearance above the carpet if the spikes sink into the carpet. Are you using a very thick carpet underneath your sub? If so, have you tried putting a solid piece...
You might want to call them on Monday to get detailed instructions on how to properly set up the sub. In the meantime, you can fill out this form to get placement advice: http://www.hsuresearch.com/support/index.php?id=36
If you are looking for a brand new sub, check out the Hsu STF-1: http://www.hsustore.com/stf1.html Buying used will open up some other well-received options too, but of course that is an entirely different market
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