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Thank you very much.
I posted the following over in the Darblet forum. Since I see many here use that piece of equipment I would appreciate your feedback. Sorry for the OT. > Thanks.
Information please before purchasing the Darblet 5000; I watch 95% ripped DVD's, ripped BluRay's and TV torrents. No cable/FIOS/Sat List of equipment: Panny 65VT60 Yamaha RX-V675 HTPC (XBMC) HDMI out Will I see any benefit from this unit? HTPC people please chime in.
Thank you. I will try this after the busy Holidays.
Plus 10 on that
And thanks to Bond007, also.I changed the pass code on my router recently and that knocked me off the wireless. Once I reconnected everything went smooth. Stupid mistake. Thanks, again.
I've written to Panasonic support twice and received no answer. I hope someone can help me here: I'm trying to set up Amazon Instant Video on a 65VT60. Instructions tell me to select VIERA CONNECT > Amazon Instant Video >Help >Link to Amazon. However, I see no VIERA CONNECT, only VIERA LINK. And then I get a message, "Feature Not available". What am I dong wrong?
I have several MyHD MDP-120 cards (with daughter card) and maybe 2 MyHD MDP-130 cards that I'm looking to get rid of. For the last 5 years I've been out of OTA range so they have been laying dormant. Can someone point me in a direction to sell them? Thanks.
What do you mean by "getting the screen size set correctly"? I'm using the AMD Radeon 6450 and I'm not seeing anything out of place.
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