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In a way, I feel the same way about MASH even though I'd still call it one of the greatest. It's tough to watch after all these years but I think a lot of that is from its overbearing laugh track. We were used to it back in the day, but after shows like Scrubs, Arrested Development, and myriad other comedies without one, the laugh track really grates on my nerves. And I can't believe I didn't throw Arrested Development on my little list. I know it's not that old but I...
For their era: Honeymooners Twilight Zone Star Trek (TOS) (although this one is more of a hindsight pick) M*A*S*H Lost
And to think, Michael passed on the golden opportunity to bring Suck It to market! The product already has a theme song, how can it fail!? I loved the looks and comments from David's wife. "I saw you have shoes on so didn't know if you did anything..." And when David was asked how much time he has: "I have a doctor's appointment... next Thursday." HA!
I truly believe that once it's all over and we can watch the whole thing again, it will end up being the greatest scripted drama ever conceived. That is, unless they completely lay an egg with the finale. If we weren't in an age of 500 cable channels and all the myriad distractions that fragment the TV-watching population, there would be 50-60 million people watching this show.
She really played the drug-addled sweet-but-crazy chick well (see Spun) and it's so sad to think it became her real life.
There's a TCM HD? Did you mean AMC HD? Cuz if there is a TCM, I'd record as much there as I do HDNet Movies. Even if TCM HD was only SD transfers, at least they'd be OAR (I pray) with a slight theoretical resolution increase.
We just got a whole slew of new HD channels, IFC-HD included, and I find this whole situation a little heartbreaking. If they don't have a higher resolution version, at LEAST stop stretching and take advantage of the 16:9 format. Sure, it'll just be DVD-quality but at least the "HD" wouldn't be stretched for no reason whatsoever.
The Halloween episode was probably the funniest half hour of any comedy this season. Abed's Batman delivery was hilarious - especially when he ramped up the growl as he noticed the snack choices.
It seems like the thread devolved from "boring" into overrated. Anyway, I'd have to go with Tôkyô monogatari (Tokyo Story) by Ozu. It's a rare day that I nod off during a movie but this had me squirming from boredom AND falling asleep. I respect his technique but the static camera and loose editing really turn me off his movies.
I sympathize for the QAM users who thought they'd be able to avoid a cable box when the crush occurs. I just called and confirmed that Cable Card users will not be affected. It might have been obvious to some but every voicemail and postcard has always mentioned an STB and I don't remember them ever saying anything about the CCs. So at least all those HDTiVos and other BYO digital DVRs will keep working.
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