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You should choose the best one.
Clouding and vertical bars are common with this set. I will post my calibrated settings later today.
Watch the second half. It gets better. I enjoyed it.
EL Duke, I have the EXACT same problem. The crosstalk with this project is soooo bad that I am thinking of going with another brand. I bought this projector for it's 3D capabilities. BIG mistake. Since Panasonic is now out of the plasma business, I think I'm done with Panasonic. Even after I just won a WT600. I have 3 Panasonic displays:PT-AE7000U - Too much crosstalk65" VT30 - Won't update the Viera Market, so there's a really old version of Netflix on it65" WT600 ...
How many hours should be on a bulb before it's replaced? My bulb has about 770 hours on it and I think it might be getting too dark for 3D. But, I don't know if it's actually getting dimmer or if it's just my imagination. Desolation of Smaug is already a dark movie. So, it could just be the movie. And, of course, I know that everybody's experience will be different based on brighness settings, eco settings, etc. I'm just looking for a ball park number. If 2,000...
Woooo! We're watching it tonight!
I HATE my Jaymar seating. It's the most uncomfortable furniture I own. I know that most will say, "it's supposed to be more firm for D-Box", but I can deal with the firmness. I'm talking about the location of the head rest, lower lumbar location, etc. Sooooo uncomfortable.
Any idea if this TV's firmware could be updated to support HEVC codecs?
Yeah, it would be awesome if we could get An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition synced around the same time as The Desolation of Smaug release.
Regarding in UK 3D version of Frozen, I hope the following answers your questions: PS. It synced.
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