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Right now I have component cables plus red/white RCA cables running from my DVD player to component 1 on the Sammy. Then I took red/white RCA cables from the "monitor out" output on the sammy, to my "audio in" plugs on the receiver. No sound through the receiver. BTW I know this won't support 5.1 sound but I will be switching things around when I get my surround installed.
Here's the story-- I originally bought a Samsung 50 DLP at BB, got it home, and it was just a fraction too wide for the armoire (spelling??) in my living room. (picture lots of cursing and vain attempts to fit it in. So I took it back and ordered the 43, as they didn't have one in stock. Then I got to reading on avsforum and noticed that the 46 had basically the same cabinet width as the 43 due to a thinner bezel. So I cancelled my BB order and ordered one through...
I just picked up my Sansung DLP 46. I would like to run audio out of the television (presumably using the 'monitor out' outputs) and into my reciever with simple RCA red/white connectors so I can bypass the built-in speakers. However when I do so and watch a DVD (connected through component one), I get no sound through my receiver. Looking in the owners manual, it seems to state that the 'monitor out' outputs from the Sammy only work in "RF, video, or S modes" Does this...
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