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Fox HD will be carried by comcast within a few weeks most likely, whether before or after the superbowl is unknown. Don't know when WB HD will be on comcast--anyone?
Hi Adam, There is some dicussion as to using the firewire on the 6412 on other areas of avsforum. It is apparently functional. I haven't used it. I do have 2 6412s, the rule about one per household doesn't seem that hard to get around as I ordered my first one on the phone and my second one on the internet. My friend here in Clovis also did this. I also was supposed to get an email announcing the availability of the 6412 from comcast but still haven't and I've had...
I've had my HLN46 for 1.5 years now with zero problems and am completely happy with it. I also have a plasma in another room so I have some point of comparison.
Yeah like the other guy said, use the swap key. I agree that it's counter-intuitive that it doesn't automatically swap tuners for you. Maybe that will be addressed in future upgrades. I think the sarcasm from the other guy comes from the fact that most questions asked here could be answered with a 2 minute search function on the thread, but hey, we're here to help. I've been there.
FYI-- I've been using the Harmony 659 remote control for a year or so and it's wonderfuil, but since getting my 6412's I've been looking for something with more hard buttons that map precisely to the motorola remote. I just bought a harmony 680 from surf remote on the net and it's perfect for the 6412, it has hard buttons for 30 sec skip and backwards, right in the perfect spot, as well as hard buttons for MyDVR, Live TV, etc. I recommend it as the best universal...
HAS COMCAST HEARD OUR COMPLAINTS?? Today I noticed that when fast-forwarding or rewinding, there is now a FIFTH faster setting rather than (I think) what used to be only 4 speeds. In other words, it seems like previously when you FF you could press the forward mutiple times until 4 forward arrows were showing, and it would FF fairly quickly, like 1 minute every 3 seconds or so. Now there are 5 arrows maximum for moving forward and back, and it moves through quite...
I sent an email to Carlton Simmonds at KMPH asking him when Comcast may be carrying the Fox HD channel, and this was his response: ------------------------------------ CSimmonds@kmph.com to me Our two companies are currently talking about a retransmit agreement which both sides are hoping will be resolved before the Super Bowl. ------------------------------------ Those of you with a vested interest in this happening may feel free to email him and politely...
they are getting the Fox HD signal OTA (over the air). Comcast doesn't yet carry fox but hopefully soon.
Is this a question or a lengthly list of complaints? Good luck exercising your power as a member of your township cable commission, I'm sure Comcast is going to cave to your demands
I have a samsung DLP too connected to a 6412 via component. (I also have a sony plasma connected to a 6412 via DVI). I agree with the suggestion that you go into the service menu on the 6412 and make sure your aspect ratio is set at 16:9. I would set it at 1080i .
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