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Why don't you email Oppo and let us know? As far as I can tell, there are no more updates to the BDP-83 platform.
Oppo BDP-83
I do encounter this when playing a disc (e.g., DVD-Audio or SACD)...but I think it's blown just a bit out of proportion. I hit the back button, and it restarts from the beginning. To me, just a minor annoyance. And I typically stream music from my Squeezebox Touch, where the issue does not appear (I don't jump around all that much). The issue that annoys me the most is if I stream a song in 96kHz audio followed by a song in 44.1kHz, it doesn't make the switch back to the...
Yes, I love it. Doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some processors/receivers, but a nice clean sound. Not to mention it looks pretty sweet...
I don't know about the 804S, but I drove my 805S, HTM4S, and SCMS just fine with the RMB-1075. I did convert to Class D, moving to the RMB-1085 (mainly for space issues) and eventually to the RMB-1565 (for aesthetic issues) and I love the sound of the newer amps. Hopefully some good info for you to review...Discussion of RMB-1085 vs. RMB-1075My thoughts on the RMB-1565
Swiffer Duster
The 805 Signatures in Grey Tiger's Eye have always been my favorite.
There's always the Maserati option...
Don't know about the sound, but you'll have four new small cup holders, with the ports facing upward.
Glad it was a relatively easy fix!
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