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I think I might have a set in my storage closet. Let me check. If so, they'll cost much less than $100.
This section is for CRT projectors, not rear projection TVs, but I still think you might be able to find someone local on craigslist that could use it... maybe they'd pay 50-$75 for it... $100 max. Amazon says it's 153 lbs. Can do 1280x720p, so that's not as bad as the old standard def RPTVs, which are hard to give away. But costco sells flat panels that big for $699, so (like you) most people would now opt for wall mount displays, with warranty, HDMI, 1080p, 120Hz,...
No, I don't think CRT is what you're looking for. Sure it can be done (by stacking or blending... and it looks great), but then it depends more on your capabilities (and budget) than the projectors. Total light control and a great calibration/setup is a must. CRT has a limited number of lumens that you're spreading over a huge area... 4x more than recommended. So you lose punch in the colors and the details get softer and softer. Big screens are fun and CRT does...
Videogon has their own rating scale:http://www.videogon.com/scale.htmlBut for CRT, tube condition is most important... 8/10 to me means 8 out of 10:http://www.curtpalme.com/TubeCondition_RatingChart.shtm Ideally, the seller should rate all three tubes, e.g. 9/7.5/8 which would mean Red=9, Green=7.5, Blue=8. But if you get only one number as a description, hopefully that implies the worst tube... e.g. 8/10 means all tubes are at least an 8.
Do you have both the 1271 and the XG setup? That's quite a leap in performance... If you've got the XG setup, I'm surprised you'd still be interested in stocking tubes for the 1271.
Where are you located?
All 14 of Manuel's posts say the exact same thing. Is this just a spammer trying to get someone to call the 877 number? Curt, try it and see
Lots of "probably" and "from what I understand" and "I could be wrong" but very few facts. Is that warranty valid for 7 years for the original owner when purchased from an Authorized dealer? How many of us are original owners? How many of use bought from authorized dealers? Yes, if you have a G90 with a chip failure... it would suck. Yes, 99% of the time, we don't have to worry about a failure. Yes, 99% of the time, when there is a failure, then there is someone here happy...
Please provide the link or phone number for where these new OEM parts are sold. Thanks.
So New In Stock OEM parts are available from Ampro, NEC, Electrohome, Barco, Runco, Panasonic, GE, Ampro, and Mitsubishi? Just that there are shelves full of cannabalized parts from other like-model projectors that have failed in the past decade. Why is Sony evil for not stocking spare components for a projector that they stopped manufacturing and selling years ago? Do they still stock capstans for WalkMan cassette players? Do they still stock tail motors for Aibo? If...
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