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+1I have the same problem with my copy of Rio Bravo - too much blue. Otherwise, I think it's an acceptible transfer.
I was hoping someone would offer a proper response with a definitive answer, which is why I started the thread.
I see that TLD is forthcoming as part of a 5-disc "Fox War Classics Bundle" collection on 5/28 and TS will be released on 6/4. Does anyone know if these will be new transfers or the same old wine in a brand new bottle?
My 40" XBR4 that I worked so hard to get from Sony has been worth the effort - no issues at all.
Thanks to the op for the heads-up. I won't get into the appropriateness of this return policy, but I will say that for those instances where defective products returns are involved consumers are not without recourse in many states. For example, California has very consumer-friendly laws regarding returns of defective merchandise. If an item is placed into the stream of commerce, is subject to a full or limited warranty, and becomes defective during that warranty period...
OK, Ralph, now that you've had your "learning experience", how about brokering a deal with Fox on behalf of those of us who trusted them to produce a competent BRD version and spent the money to buy it with a credit towards the purchase of the newer edition?
Thanx, folks! Now I'm just wondering how much in trade credit my local dvd store will offer when I bring in the older version.
Does the newer-version packaging look any different than the older version? I don't want to go out and purchase another copy of the original while believing I'm buying the newest version.
Singin' in the Rain
Thanks for the public notice on this. Although I've had my own war with Sony during the relevant time frame, they're not one of the listed defendants so I'm not a class member.
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