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I introduced my son to that one a month ago. He thought it was hilarious and has watched it three times since.Try Dead Snow. It's a Nazi zombie flick from Norway. Filmed on location in the mountains.
I forgot to add-- looks great and sounds like you've got a good plan going forward. (android app for reading AVS doesn't edit posts)
One of the things I'm most glad I did in my room was an AT screen with three matching speakers behind. Initially it was going to be a solid 16:9 with speakers at the sides and one underneath, but I changed that to a 2.40:1 AT during my build, and I couldn't be happier.
My son and his friends play games-- mostly Little Big Planet. No problems with lag or lamp-life. For me, the screen is too big-- I get motion sick. I know what you mean about this forum being evil-- I came here years ago for tips when I first got an HDTV. After talking to the people here, I've now got a media room with a ten foot wide AT 'scope screen, and furniture that I hacked with transducers.
Ten years ago, I would not have known that I would see Dean Roddey at every single forum I'd frequent.
My side masking panels are made of black Dazian CCC. I made hollow frames and covered them with the CCC. Compared to my velvet, they look dark grey, but with the lights out and projector on, they're black. I can't hear any difference with the panels on or off.
We did an action/comedy weekend. First it was Big Trouble in Little China, then Land of the Lost. I'm noticing a number of BluRays that have D-Box motion control codes. I think I'm going to have to upgrade my room.
I used fiberglass batts, but even then, there's still significant bleed into the next room. Fortunately, my next room is the furnace room.
With contractors, it'll keep your build from being a 3 year build like mine was. We do karaoke (via SingStar on the PS3) on the projector. Works well-- especially after a few martinis.
Out of all the places in the country I've lived, Wisconsin is the only place I've seen where Trick or Treating is done during the day, and then, not always on Halloween.
New Posts  All Forums: