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I just saw the feature on digitalbits. now let me just say this, "ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod, it has this and that and pictures and a collectors case and a model spinner and commentaries and tons of docos and extra dvd goodness i cant wait i cant wait i want it now NOW NOW NOWNOW!!!!!!!! 5 months away!!!! ##*@@**### WWWAAAHHHHHHH WAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whew!!! ok thanks for listening. I'll have a good lie down now
Good Grief, I can't believe you guys in the States are getting this only NOW. I saw this at my local cineplex back in April here in Australia. I've noticed a few films in the last few years have been held back from u.s. release. This is an excellent and thought provoking Sci fi film. It is intellegent as well as very exciting and the science for the most part is extremely believable. I hope you guys enjoy it. IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
Well I like it because it was really an issue of "Heavy Metal" come to life. Fantastic visuals and concepts. I love the flying "Chinese restaurant Junk" is a highlight and a typical un-hollywood moment . That I think is the real appeal ,it is extremely quirky, European and Un-hollywood. This film could not have been made in Hollywood. The production design is just exquisite. In the middle of it all is this Huge Hollywood star. Bruce Willis is great, Korbin Dallas is my...
yeah, I reckon it should be stated somewhere on the cover if it is mastered from a high definition source. Lets face it, DVD is going to be around for a long time yet. Your average mom and pop customer don't give a "flying shag" about upgrading to Blu-ray or hddvd. Most people have only upgraded from VHS in the last 5 years If the studios advertised when A hi-def master was used in the process it could only profit them more. Personally I'd like to know when it is...
wow john great piccie, "Yowzas!" keep em coming.
saw it, loved it ,bought the dvd Love the music video, so glad they had it as a seperate extra. my 7 year old daughter watches it to death. It never gets boring. Drew in that RED DRESS!!!!
I have noticed recently that a lot of the recent releases on DVD are looking pretty darn awesome. "Rocky Balboa" and "Hot fuzz" come to mind. It seems that the studios are striking hi def masters for bluray and Hd dvd and using the same master to down convert on to standard DVD. This can only be good for standard DVD owners who aren't ready to upgrade yet.
hv-20 all the way. awesome autofocus, great in low light. it looks better than broadcast in the right settings. I love mine!!
yep lesson learned. unfortunately most of these sets look fantastic in the showroom. it's when you get it home under the conditions you will be watching it in , is when the cracks start to appear . I don't know of any dealers (in Australia anyway) that will let you put a tv through its paces over a weekend before you part with your hard earned!
Hi, to cut a long story short, I picked up a brand new Panasonic pt42px7a Plasma set this past weekend. It was returned Monday morning. The Black levels were shocking!!!!. No matter what I did , I could not get a decent image. I calibrated with DVE too. it just looked like a bad LCD set. I put on Star Wars ep4 and the space scenes looked Grey . Very dissapointed. I still have my LG set from 2 years ago and the Blacks are much better. Now have I gotten a...
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