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Good to hear from another Yes fan. The new Close to the Edge release in 5.1 sounds very good in the bass dept. with my dual XV15s.
I second that. I have the Oppo 105 and listen to a lot of music and use analog almost exclusively. I couldn't do without my Oppo. Fantasic picture and sound quality.
I use Spears and Munsil test disc for my audio calibration. I just start out by turning up my master volume on my UMC-200 prepro until I get 75db on my spl meter beginning with the left front speaker. I then run each speaker and adjust the individual levels in my prepro. I am not familiar with your avr but I would not select "calibrate speakers" with your avr because you are using the test tones from the wow disc. Just use the speaker level adjustments in your avr to get...
Congrats Bear. Enjoy that awesome sub.
Brand new-in the box-never opened. $150.00 plus shipping. I accept paypal. Thanks.
Thanks for the information.
Lately I have been listening to more music than watching movies. I guess I go in cycles with music and HT. How would I determine how much room gain I have and at which hz it starts? I am currently using analog for music and movies if that makes any difference as far as room gain. Thanks.
My room is around 2700cu and PSA recommended the XV15 and I ended up buying duals. They have worked out great but I am sure the sealed dual XS15s would have been fine as well.
Good article by Brent Butterworth of Sound and Vision where he mentions Tom of PSA along with some other sub experts. http://www.soundandvision.com/content/subwoofers-guts-and-glory
The 105 does not have any manual equalizer but it does have excellent bass mgmt for the analog connections. I use analog pretty much for everything whether it be music or movies. I do however have the 105 running through my 7.1 analog inputs on a Emotiva umc-200. The Emo works pretty good for me as a straight pass through.
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