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Does the 1018 memorize settings for each input (e.g. volume, midnight, display off, etc.)?
do you know any store that takes pre-orders for the 1909?
+1! This BestBuy bashing and coupon talk is getting annoying.
It does not look like the 1909 has a neural sound mode - does anyone think neural is important?
Can the PS3 output to HDMI and the AV Multi Out at the same time? (need to connect a small LCD monitor so I don't have to fire up the projector every time ...)
When I pre-ordered from VE over a month ago I was told to expect delivery for the VSX-01 by the end of July / beginning of August ...
All eyes are on you man! I am dying to hear if A.L.C - Auto Level Control - works for ALL inputs ...
I have the VSX-01 on pre-order - from what I read in the manual - it will not downconvert HDMI to the RCA video out. I would like to get a 7" LCD monitor so I don't have to fire up my RS1 projector every time I want to schedule a recording on the cable box or access the PS3. Any ideas for a work-around?
I don't "know" anything, but I am really interested in that feature and so I did some "research": The 1018 manual (on page 31) describes the A.L.C. Stereo mode as follows:The Pioneer Press release said the following:From what I found I concluded the only AVRs that have Volume Leveling accross all inputs will be the new Denons ...
According to the picture of the front of the VSX-01 it has it - you can see the STEREO/A.L.C. button. However, A.L.C. only seems to work with analog sources, so it does not really help much ...
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