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Here it is, installed and working, although I am not using it with the extension cable:
Nevermind, I now have this up and running! I saw the setup screen when I first inserted it, but I somehow hit a button and got out of it, and it never came back. I ended up following some instructions on YouTube and got the system reset back to factory configuration. Once I stuck the wireless network adapter back in, I got that setup screen back up and went through and got it all set up! Again, I can confirm that this adapter works, and it was half of the price of what...
Okay, I just received this today, and was trying to set it up. Can anyone walk me through where to go through and have it search for wireless networks? I read that you can't set it up with your SSID hidden, which I normally have set, so I unhid it. I am in the network settings, but not seeing where it can search and pull in the SSID's that it sees!
I am a new owner of an Onkyo TX-NR609, which I received as a Christmas gift. It is still in the box, but should get installed today! I chose it, as I am replacing an older Onkyo unit that was purchased as a HTIB in 2005, and have had ZERO issues. Onkyo has been one of the best at getting a great bang for the buck! The information on here, and reading other website reviews has been very helpful.
Yeah, this is the one I just ordered:TP-Link TL-WN722N 150Mbps High Gain Wireless USB Adapter
From what I can see, one of the differences is the connection they offer to the receiver. The UP-A1 connects through the Universal Port. The DS-A4 connects through Component Video! Not sure if the Universal Port will have better sound quality than component, so hopefully someone will chime in about this.
IIRC, "MegaPop" is a very popular brand and very good quality:
As far as #2 (Blu-ray player), the PS3 is 3D ready with a firmware upgrade they will release later this year: Blu-ray 3D specifications finalized, your PS3 is ready PS3's new 3D mode captured on video, coming in 2010 to all existing games 3D Blu-ray standard outlined, includes PS3
As long as you can get an HD-DVR, you should have no problems. Unfortunately, you can't just connect it and get free HD channels. That box has to be authorized, and you will still have to pay for the HD channels! If you do wait until your contract expires, you may be able to work a box in at no cost as part of the upgrade.
Here is a scan of the Canadian cover!
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