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Hi, hoping someone here can help with these questions: 1) Can anyone comment on the quality of the tuner? My 2012 model Bravia TV has an amazing OTA tuner. I say its amazing because I've now purchased TWO different PC TV tuners (by Hauppage and AverMedia) to use with Windows Media Center, and the tuners have been absolute trash compared to the tuner in my Sony TV. They couldn't even pick up channels with 22+ db SNR ratios that my TV could tune in crystal clear 1080i...
WOW!!!! You are a god!!! THIS FIXED MY ISSUE! I had to add one step, which was to set the Audio BACK to HDMI! After uncheck everything under optical then switching back to HDMI and LPCM, I now get ALL CHANNELS LIT instead of stereo!!! Thank you so much you saved me tons of hassle on exchanging receivers!!!
Well, then what is your brand and model of receiver please?? I am seriously tempted to buy one that actually works with even more HDMI ports than my Sony DA1800ES at this point.I tried the suggestions above, in terms of turning on the PS4 and then the receiver multiple times, but nothing worked. I am stuck with 2.1 LPCM unless I change to Bitstream and then I get proper surround.A shame Sony doesn't seem to test with their own equipment!
On my PS3 with my Sony ES DA1800ES receiver, Linear PCM works perfectly... all speakers and speaker lights function as they should depending on the decoded source. But on my PS4, Linear PCM outputs only a 2.1 signal. Surround speakers are silent and not lit. Even on the same cable and HDMI input where the PS3 was working like a champ. In order to get proper surround sound from games, I need to switch to Bistream (DTS). What I'd like to know is does anyone else have...
Sorry I was not clear.... thanks for the replies so far but they don't really help. Let me explain in a bit more detail: I have two stereo sources (old game consoles) which I have connected such that audio from them is coming out of ONE 3.5" stereo miniplug for each console. I also have ONE 3.5" stereo line-in jack into my surround speaker system (not a real receiver). The point of this is to have both stereo miniplug sources connected at the same time to the stereo...
I'm looking for a cable that will take two stereo miniplug inputs and convert them into a stereo miniplug output which I can attach to a Line In jack. In essence a reverse Y adapter cable. I bought a cable that takes one stereo miniplug signal and splits it to two outputs so that you can use 2 headphones at the same time with one source. But when I tried to set up this same cable so that two 3.5mm inputs fed into the one 3.5mm output which I plugged into a Line In...
And if its not full array local dimming backlit, the 4K is WASTED on it. Anyone know if it is?
I was all gung ho to get a TiVo but they took so long getting the mini out that I decided to cut the cord altogether and don't miss a thing.
Depends.... only Amazon would offer the release date delivery anyway. If they do, then yes. If not, or you ordered somewhere else, then no, it will only ship them.I am on track to pick up both at launch.
Curved?!? Is this a TV or a fashion statement? Can't wait to see how circles look on a curved surface.
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