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I am glad you are doing this. I have ALL the platforms. But I expect this site to focus on the console with the reference quality video and BluRay playback. Today, that is the PS3. Tomorrow, well, we'll have to see, but most likely PS4.
Oh wow guys, this is CRAZY. Probably worth it for everyone to read. For a few days I've been scratching my head trying to figure out why my new slim model PS3 was making my 65HX950's screen FLASH with bright white/rainbow noise on HDMI whenever I launched a BluRay movie or game, or exited out to the XMB from said movie or game. I suspected handshaking issues, I tried new cables, removing my receiver, different HDMI inputs, nothing worked until I started messing with the...
Hello all, I'm back after a long absence. Now I'm the one asking for help. My 65HX950 has developed this "issue" where almost every day, only once, a few minutes after I power it on, it REBOOTS itself. Screen goes blank, Sony logo pops on screen. After that everything is normal. At first I thought it was software updates, but there's no way that can be the case this frequently. Could my set be flaky or going bad? Anyone else have this problem? EDIT: Searched the...
Piece of trash. I can see the line bleed from here. I'll keep my Sony HX950, thank you kindly.
Lower priced? Uh, no. I spent $5K on a Sony full array local dimming LED 65" after looking at several plasmas. The plasmas could not compete with it. Old outdated tech. Dim, hot, noisy, full of uniformity issues, line bleed, strobing flicker, auto brightness limited to make your whites look yellow, image retention. UGH... none of which I have to worry about about with my "lower quality" Sony HX950. Quality large screen OLED can't come soon enough. I loved my...
BluRay will remain the standard for decades to come, not to worry. 4K will not catch on like they hope it will, not in this world economy, and not without a physical medium.
Hey, same here... even though I was probably a little younger than you.
And I thought video game special editions were getting over the top!
But they did change back when Panasonic created those EXCELLENT super slim digital receivers about a decade ago. Sadly, the market quickly reverted to these gargantuan boxes. Bring back the super slim digital receiver, I say!
Where the hell are the OLED sets?!
New Posts  All Forums: