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I want a firmware update to enable MotionFlow for 3D games in General mode, darn it!
I didn't notice anything wrong with Spartan Ops video but I only played the first map. I finished the main game, but am usually not big on coop. I have AC3 for the PS3, but haven't played it yet, as I'm still trying to get through Brotherhood and Revelations on 360. HUGE HUGE backlog problems over here.That said, I think your issues are game related, not TV related.
Wait, are you saying that one or both of your new 65" sets now DO NOT have the faint band in the center of the screen on bright white or solid bright colors that I first showed months ago?
Well, why cancel? I am loving my 65HX950 first run unit from Sony Store, and no dead pixels, just the very light band on bright solid colors. Wouldn't trade it for anything in its price range or lower.
Thanks, but can anyone explain what 12-bit processing actually is? And will the TV ever displaying anything besides 12-bit? Like 14 bit or something? Manuals are useless.
OFF. I like consistency, day or night. I use backlight level 5 at all times and this pretty perfect for all my viewing conditions, even at night in the dark.
Holy freaking ginormous sub and center speaker! I am happy with my center speaker being 1/10th that size. LOL Oh, and get a Wii U and do your new TV some justice!
That bright room PQ looks HORRIBLE compared to what the 65HX950 would be capable of, IMHO. To me, your TV looks only slightly better than a DLP set. By the way, I wish my living room were that tidy.
Two questions: 1) Why the heck do some inputs say "12 bit" when I press the Display button. What does that mean?? Other 1080p HDMI input sources do not, but PS3 does, for example. 2) Does anyone else have the problem where things that are supposed to be a darkish green end up looking like neon green? Any fixes? Wii U menu/Miiverse screens are a prime example. GamePad shows a forest green, but same shade is neon green on my TV. I know I'm supposed to be one of the...
I have the same problem with the built in Netflix app and gave up on it. I think its just a stupid design decision. You should give up like I did and use a PS3 to stream Netflix. Works perfectly even for HD shows, super smooth, and can be calibrated perfectly, because PS3 doesn't suffer from the ridiculous gamma issues that Xbox 360 innately has, Saying this is a dealbreaker when there are SO MANY other ways to stream Netflix is a little silly, IMHO.
New Posts  All Forums: