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My 65 pops like popcorn. Serious poppage. Sounds like a quality control issue. No bends or warps in the glass either.
His pictures are completely exaggerated, especially the haloing and clouding pictures. Completely unrealistic. If it were anywhere near that bad in person I would have returned my 65HX950 in a heartbeat and be griping here with a sob story. Nope. It doesn't even look like he was in General mode with Local Dimming fully on, and his camera totally overdid all the defects, not to mention the weird angles make haloing a lot worse than head on.The banding pattern on mine is...
Acceptable for me, having experience with other LCD TVs, this one is no worse, and maybe better. But it could be WAY better, like a Plasma. It just doesn't bother me.
My 65" is really good without those 2 issues. But I do have a very light vertical band down the middle, high contrast area crosstalk is too visible, and MotionFlow can't be turned on for 3D games, only movies. Honestly those are my only complaints. Superb otherwise. Dream TV.
I play Dragon's Dogma. Why do you say Cinemotion should be off for this game? I haven't tried the difference yet, just wanted your thoughts.
Can you take a photo of something that looks bad? Daily Show under heat lamps keeps being mentioned. I want to compare it to my 65".
No, I was just SHOUTING, meathead. And sorry to say, it is true. Ask Cleveland Plasma if you don't believe me. Look at the fine print at all the other retailers if you don't believe me. No Returns. You're on your own with the manufacturer. A manufacturer who is one step away from bankruptcy.
Turn off Eco modes! Max the Picture setting! My 65" is set to Backlight 5 and Brightness 52 and it is burn my eyeballs bright and white as snow. I think it is definitely your settings.
I have the 65" and I love it. Here are my responses to your complaints: 1) Your settings are off and sound completely uncalibrated. Try my settings from the settings thread. 2) The viewing angle is much better than the Samsung ES8000. But most LCDs today are PVA/MVA type technology, not IPS, so yes, there will be viewing angle contrast shifting. 3) Not nearly as reflective a screen as my Samsung A650 TV. And about equivalent to the ES8000 and Samsung plasma I had in...
No way. I had both in my house. They can't use the same panel. Performance alone was just too different, let alone big differences in banding type and severity, etc.Banding is a common problem across many LED LCD makers.
New Posts  All Forums: