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I want some extra comparison on these models... and I'm concerned that the NEC can't display 720 and 1080i when fed through DVI? What's up with that?!
After much deliberation between plasma and CRTs, I've decided that I want a 42" EDTV 852x480 plasma. Everyone seems to point to the 6UY Panasonic, but is it really the best? There are so many 42" EDTV plasmas out there! I want one with the following characteristics: 1) Ability to view 4:3 sources in non-zoom mode, that is with bars on the sides. Also, I need these bars to be BLACK, or at least, selectable between gray and black, etc. 2) Ability to handle 4:3 480p...
Didn't your parents ever tell you to not watch TV in the dark? I mean, duh!
I'm thinking about buying an EDTV Plasma. I see there are some that can display 4:3 material in its original aspect ratio, like the Zenith models. Well, what does that look like? Are the left and right sides gray or black? Is this a surefire recipe for burn-in? Thanks!
Hey Linetest, do you go to the same BB store as me or what? Is it in Poughkeepsie? Because I had the same exact impression about the Tohsiba being dimmer and the bowing compared to the Sony? But I've seen other Sonys of that model with even WORSE geometry than the Toshiba.
Ok, not that I don't trust Thumper, but I need a second confirmation on at least the 540p v-compression thing. Also how does the 540p look with 480p DVD sources? Its not going to be pixellated is it? I mean, if I take a 640x480 photo and blow it up to 1024x768 it looks pixelated! Thanks!!!
Hi all, I'm thinking of buying this set this weekend. I need to know if does 16:9 V-Compression in its 540p mode (for DVDs), like it says it does in its 1080i mode. How will the 540p mode look for DVDs compared being input at 480p? Am I better off trying to match 480p input with 480p output on some other model, or is there no difference? Also, how many people have geometry problems with this set? Are they service menu correctable? THANK YOU!!
Ahh... so you saw NOISE on the JVC. What does "noise" look like? I was more concerned with pixellation of the NTSC signal, I'd rather have noise than pixellation or fuzziness...
Piss poor NTSC? Huh? Every post I've read has raved about the JVC NTSC being even better than Sony's DRC V1! Can someone else please rate JVC's NTSC??
How straight are horizontal lines on this tube? I saw a 32" version that had quite good geometry, but that might all be lost in the 36" version. In my experience, Toshiba has the worst geometry for 36", followed by Sony, then Panasonic. Don't know where to place JVC. What stores besides Sears might have one of the 36" models on display? I'm still very nervous about seeing everything 1080i. I've heard about shimmer created when viewing 480p upscaled to 1080i. And does it...
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