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I found this too. It just remembers independent settings for each resolution. So you only have to set it once per resolution. There are a bunch of settings that are memorized independently per resolution, so watch out!
I'm a nutter when it comes to motion handling. I found the best setting on the Sony is MotionFlow Standard and Cinemotion Auto 1 for ALL content. They work in conjunction for all content, not just movies. Set it and forget it. This eliminates 90% of judder while preventing nasty Soap Opera Effect or motion artifacts in video games. It also is a LOT faster than the newest Samsung when motion settings are enabled. Would have been interesting if you could have done a...
No, it actually pulls ahead in graphics, at least until the next Sony and MS consoles.
Oh yeah, because Ayane decapitating people, covered in blood in one of the launch titles is really for the family segment, as is Bayonetta 2 and ZombiU.
I guess you haven't heard of inflation. Look on the last page of this month's Game Informer and it shows the adjusted for inflation launch price of the Wii compared to all other Nintendo consoles. Adjusted for inflation, it's barely more expensive that the original Wii was, and WAY cheaper than the NES and SNES were when launched at their $199 price tags. It's much more complicated than just "tech prices drop over time". This isn't the PC industry.
Actually the Sharpness setting DOES make a difference, it's just very subtle compared to the extreme Sharpness effect on the Samsung TVs. Sony was conservative with Sharpness so as to not introduce false sharpness artifacts that you get immediately on Samsungs. The default HX950 picture is soft for cable TV. You need to raise sharpness high and apply all my setttings to get the picture to look, well, sharper. It's not just Sharpness that affects sharpness on this set.
Then you haven't been looking at the right gameplay videos. Ninja Gaiden: Razor's Edge is clearly better than its PS3/360 counterparts just to give an example.The Wii U is also very cheap compared to the launch prices of the 360 and PS3, yet more powerful.
It would have been better if you had taken a picture of the exact same image. Ashamed to say I have yet to get around to trying Rizzo settings.
HX950 is more than fine for FPS in Game Mode, and identical to top of the line 2012 Samsung for lag in Game Mode. Suit yourself.
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