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I have a general question about the cell light for the group: I've been switching back and forth between D-Nice's settings for both Movie mode and Cal-Day to see what works best for my environment. The movie settings have the cell light set at 13 while the Cal-Day have it set at 20. What exactly, if anything, is being sacrificed in picture quality by using a higher cell light? Obviously the picture is brighter with a cell light at 20 instead of 13 but what is the trade...
Studio5west, after reading some of your posts I think the panel I got yesterday has the same issue as yours. Read my review HEREDid you try a factory reset?
Somewhat underwhelmed by new PN64F8500 Hi all, I took delivery of my PN64F8500 yesterday and while i'm not disappointed I am somewhat underwhelmed. This panel replaced a Samsung PN63B550 in my basement which has some ambient light but not a lot. I used my previous panel (and will use this one) for primarily HD sports, not Blu-Ray Movies. In fact, one of the main reasons I went with the Samsung over the Panasonic Z60 was because of the potentially brighter panel and a...
Thanks again for the replies. I was able to view the two displays side by side today. No, the displays were not calibrated but I had the picture settings changed to THX Bright Room and Movie. I could definitely see the difference in whites and a difference in overall brightness. I didn't think either one was "too dim." The ZT60 had a little bit more of a cinematic look to it. Although I've read the sharpness of both displays are equal, the Samsung, "looked" sharper...
Thanks. What was it about the VT60 that you liked better than the F8500?
Thanks for the replies. I see where more than a few people who've had the ZT60 have described it as "dim" and some have swapped it for the F8500. This has me worried. Coming from the PN63B3300 Samsung, will I think the ZT60 is "dim"??
I have read most of the threads on the Panasonic ZT60 and the Samsung F8500 so I feel like I have a lot of information but I'm wanting to know what you would recommend for me given my current situation. -I will NOT be watching blu-ray movies on the set as i have a front projector setup for that. This set will be used for primarily live HD sports with some other HD television mixed in. -I have owned a Panasonic Plasma in the past as well as the Samsung PN63550 and I...
Once upon a time this was very common with cable networks. Now, in 2013, it's rediculous. TCM is making themselves look cheap and uninterested.
Update: found the Wal-Mart single discs at a Super Wal-Mart. Those looking might want to call or check a Super Wal-Mart
WHAT A DISASTER!! After driving to a three exclusive retailers only Target had their exclusive Bond blu-rays in stock. Wal-Mart had them on their website but none at the store I went to. Best Buy did not have them in their store or online and nobody knew anything about them. All told this took me 2+ hours of "checking" and "waiting" at the stores. I don't want to hear any studios complaining any more to consumers about poor catalog blu-ray sales!
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