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Your welcome for the report, hopefully it provided at the very least another set of impressions. Very good points regarding the 2.35:1 effects and the white vs. white comparison.Both projectors were sitting on tables so that the lens was even with somewhere in the lower 1/3 of the screen. Does that make sense? top of screen ' ' ' lens ' ...
The H and V lens shift were manual, the same as the AE2000. The lens memory function was motorized as well as the 2.35:1 picture shifting within in the 16x9 panel if that makes sense.
I have seen the PT-AE3000U in action directly compared to the PT-AE2000U and I also got a chance to see the Epson 7500 when I was at Cedia last week. To be honest guys, I have held off posting my opinion for a few reasons: 1. I did not have any tools to measure lumens, contrast or any other specs. When I've posted my opinions in the past the replies tend to spiral out of control with people demanding to know numbers. 2. It's difficult to explain to someone...
-First of all I liked that they went back to the old school beginning of the show. The song, the helmets, everything was great. -ESPN needs to eliminate the graphics at the bottom going across the whole screen. They can simply have the graphic in the 4x3 safe zone and leave the outsides clear. -I liked the flipping between the score and different stats throughout the game at the bottom, kind of neat and much less annoying than a ticker or scrolling stats. ...
Boo to that policy.
Great news! The sooner everything is framed for 16x9 (especially sports) the better!
I actually think their production of games is quite good with the exception of Bryant Gumble. With Kermit the Gumble gone this year I'm hoping NFLN games will be right up there with the rest of the networks as far as production quality.
Ditto. I would love to watch NFLN's pregame show and gameday wrap up show if they were in HD.
I am going to bump this thread for the 2008 season. When (if ever) will the NFL Network studio shows be broadcast in HD????
As cell phones, PDA's, Laptops and Smartphones become more prevalent I don't see a use for the bottom line. Even if you yourself don't have a device that can look up the score of another game there is almost always someone within earshot that can tell you the score of virtually any game within 60 seconds.
New Posts  All Forums: