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It's too bad Cinemax is only OAR 50% of the time or less.
I totally agree. I've rooted against Favre maaaany times over the years but I was rooting for him in his battle against the Packers organization. That being said I think going to the Jets was the wrong move. The Jets' conference is too tough IMHO. The Vikings or Bears would have been a better fit if Green Bay had allowed it.
Thank you for the report. Well, looks like I won't be ordering any 1080p VOD movies from Dish.
Was it shown in it's Original Aspect Ratio of 2.35:1??
BTN does a fantastic job all around IMHO, much better than I expected. The PQ is great, the comentators are great for a regional network and the the pre and post game shows are very sharp. I even enjoy the "fluff" shows like Big Ten Friday Night Tailgate, it gets me pumped up for the games on Saturday.
This isn't sheduled to be in HD, is it?
Correct (thank God)
LED Front Projectors are currently being designed, built and tested by more than one manufacturer in Japan. Brightness is the issue right now. So far they've only been able to achieve 250 lumens with a projector the size of the old three gun CRT's. Laser technology has not been a viable option for front projection so far.
I feel sorry for you. Do your eyes still work?
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