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No way HDNet Movies would do that. They show OAR 99.99%
I can't either but Mando was nice enough to post a link to another thread were my answer was. Thanks again Mando!
I have already done 2 searches of this thread and read the user's manual. I see in the manual that there is a function that will help to sync up the audio and video. I also see a lot of posts in this thread on lip sync issues. I don't see any posts about whether or not this particular fuction of the receiver will help with the lip sync issues that people are experiencing, hence my question.
I know lip sync has been covered quite a bit so I'll be happy to delete this post as soon as I get the answer. If you do experience lip sync with this receiver, isn't there an adjustment for that?
Thanks Mike. Do most receivers now have 2 sub outputs or do you have to split it for 2 subs?
I'm thinking of purchasing the MFW-15 sub from AV123 and I have a newbie question...other than sheer dbs, is there an advantage sonically to purchasing 2 instead of 1?
It seems like every studio is becoming George Lucas with their good catalog releases. Wait until the install base has peaked and then make a huge promotional escapade out of it. Here's an idea, release LOA now and then in a couple of years when the install base has built up re-release the same movie with new packaging to coincide with whatever promotion you're pushing.
The post I referenced earlier has been pulled GRRR!!! Hopefully this is not another Master And Commander situation where they'll delay the release to coincide with some promotion. edit: Yes, I realize we are talking about two different studios
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