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Amen. I could go a few seasons without seeing any more NFC East games in Prime Time.
IMHO it depends on which chairs you have. The Berklines I purchased are very big (I'm tall) so no one is bothered by the IOOIOOI configuration because there's still some seperation between the love seat chairs.
Noah, I would recommend calling Roman at RStheaters. I wanted to see and sit in Berkline chairs locally before purchasing so I checked the dealer locator and drove around to 3 or 4 local places. The bottom line is that most places either didn't have any Berklines on the showfloor (they would order them for you) or they had at most 2 styles and colors. I called Roman and he talked me through each and every style of chair taking into account my height and the room...
Ah, I see. Although when a dig a bit more I see that no one has been able to confirm whether the hack actually enables cinema smooth or whether it simply changes the menu system to make it look like Cinema Smooth is enabled. Can anyone confirm??
You can? How?
Can someone here please help me. My BD60 (costco version) will not update the firmware online nor will it connect to vieracast. I've checked and it DOES pass the network connection test and proxy server test but it keeps saying, ''cannot connect. Please confirm network settings.'' every time I try to update the firmware manually or go to vieracast. Is panasonic's network down or something. please help. thanks
I am considering the Panasonic TC-P65S1 but have a limitation for wall mounting. I need to mount it so that the plasma is less than 8" from the wall when at rest. I want to use a pull and tilt mount which is 4" deep when pushed back and when I checked the dimensions of the 65S1 it says this: Dimensions (H x W x D) without Stand 38.0" × 62" × 4.1" (2.6": exclusive of protruding portion) My question is, does the wall mount attach to the protruding portion of...
I hope the have a chance against the yanks. you tigers wore the twins out tonight. Great game to watch no matter who won. Well managed, a few mistakes here and there but overall good fundemental baseball. and great pq on tbs hd via dish network.
Looks like there is NOT going to be a lot of surprised Twins fans tonight Ken. Good game by both teams.
Just like the Viking/Packer game last night Ken? Nice call on that one. The liquid in your magic 8-ball grows cloudy...
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